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NHL Players: Fun Anatomy Lessons

Created by Bruce007

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NHL Players Fun Anatomy Lessons game quiz
"If the title confused you, don't worry, this quiz is fun and all about NHL players whose names share something in common with human anatomy. It's fun, it's scientific, and most of all, it's enjoyable."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. This lesser-known, yet anatomically named player shares his name with the bottom of the human head, but with a small cut. What is his name?
    Bob Nosecut
    Rick Chinnick
    Nick Neckcut
    Terry Earpierce

2. Early in this player's career, he literally turned some heads. But surprise, surprise, his name happens to be the part of the human body that literally helps to turn the human head. What are the odds? What is this former NHL player's name?
    Sergei Nakarov
    Stanislav Neckar
    Alexander Shoulderovski
    Vladimir Brainov

3. I actually need help here. This player's name escapes me. I cannot "point out" his name. It's really perplexing how I can't quite put my "finger" on his name. Oh, wait I think I just remembered. Do you know his name?
    Tom Poti
    John Toenail
    Jeff Finger
    Richard Pointer

4. A hot prospect from Slovakia in the mid 1990s, this player was blessed with the hands of a great Greek god. What was his name?
    Ladislav Hanposzyden
    Michal Handzus
    Dominik Hasek
    Zdeno Handermes

5. To make it in the NHL, a player must have powerful arms, so they can unleash powerful slap-shots, or make last second passes to their teammates. What a coincidence that this player is named after the limbs needed for efficient NHL play. What is his name?
    Jiri Bicek
    Colby Armstrong
    Richard Wristpower
    Thomas Knucklehard

6. To be a main-stay on the NHL level, a player must have strong muscles. One particular set of muscles that needs to be strong is the pectoral muscles. Strong pecs allow the player to have more powerful shots, and it also allows them to resist harder body checks. This particular player has been a main-stay in the NHL since the early 1990s, and his name is very similar to the muscles mentioned earlier. Who is he?
    Michael Peca
    Peck Torale
    Richard Pecetora
    Thomas Thighbone

7. This player played only four games for the WHA in the 1970s, but he was a very nice person off the ice. His name reflected that kindness and the central organ of the human circulatory system. Who was this player?
    Thomas Ventricle
    Rich Hart
    Kind Nerve
    Guden Erve

8. This man was an NHL goaltender. Until he was placed on waivers in 2009, he was a long time starting goaltender. The goaltender in hockey always needs strong legs, so it was practically serendipitous for this man's family to name him for the body part he needs to strengthen and essentially ace in hockey. Who is this goalie?
    Manny Legace
    Brandon Foote
    Manny Fernandez
    Arturs Irbe

9. This defenseman sure liked to stomp on his opposition. Playing for several cup-winning teams in Colorado, not only did he put his foot down on his opposition, the shoulder logo on the Avalanche jersey is also the body part that represents this player's last name. What is this player's name?
    George Toe
    Adam Foote
    Patrick Roy
    Richard Hiel

10. This player was the boss when it came to scorers in the early NHL. In fact, he was the big boss that shared his nickname with the largest digit on the human foot. Who was he?
    Hector "Toe" Blake
    Maurice "Cuticle" Kutov
    John "Thumb" Tack
    Ben "Pinky" Rogers

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