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"Star Trek" 2009, Part II

Created by CellarDoor

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Star Trek 2009 Part II game quiz
"In May 2009, after five television shows and ten movies, the "Star Trek" franchise proved that it wasn't done yet. Join me in watching the end of the movie that rebooted the franchise and brought back the characters from the original show."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What's "Star Trek" without our whole beloved crew? The movie really gets going when Kirk and Scotty beam aboard the Enterprise, much to the surprise of its commanding officer Spock. They aren't quite ready for action yet, though, as Scotty has materialized in an unexpected place. Where is he?
    In the water pipes in the engine room
    In the quarters of three surprised crewmen
    Just outside the ship, clinging to the saucer
    On a bed in sickbay

2. Now that he's back on the Enterprise, Kirk's mission is to wrest command of the ship from Spock. Luckily, he's received some inside advice, suggesting that Spock should be relieved from command due to having been "emotionally compromised" by the mission. Why does Kirk expect even the logical Spock to be compromised by his emotions?
    Christopher Pike, his captain, friend and mentor, has just been murdered by the enemy.
    His homeworld has been destroyed, leaving him one of perhaps 10,000 Vulcans in existence.
    He has just been romantically rejected by the beautiful Nurse Christine Chapel.
    He has been informed by Starfleet Command that he will be court-martialed when the Enterprise returns to station.

3. Trailed by Scotty, Kirk makes his way to the bridge, intent on forcing Spock to show that he is not in control of his emotions. What taunt finally breaks through Spock's composure?
    Kirk accuses Spock of never having loved his mother.
    Scotty accuses Spock of being "inhuman" and having "green blood."
    Kirk insists to Spock that it is illogical to be logical at a time like this.
    Kirk insists that the Enterprise will be better off without Spock's "undue caution."

4. Now commanding the Enterprise, Kirk orders the ship to pursue the enemy, the rogue Romulan mining vessel Narada. Naturally, this ship is now making its way toward Earth, with the total destruction of the planet in mind. Where does the Narada launch its attack?
    Washington, DC
    San Francisco Bay

5. The crew of the Enterprise is desperate to stop the enemy, but they're all alone out there and are frightfully outgunned. Chekov devises a plan to conceal the Enterprise from the Narada, allowing them to secretly beam a small team aboard the enemy ship. Where does the Enterprise hide?
    Just behind the Narada, in the vessel's blind spot
    Behind the Sun
    Behind a moon of Saturn
    Inside the Asteroid Belt

6. The Enterprise is in position. Kirk and Spock are in the transporter room, preparing to beam aboard the enemy ship. They might not come back, so this is the moment for sweethearts to say goodbye. Whose romance do we see unfolding here?
    Uhura and Kirk
    Uhura and Spock
    Nurse Chapel and Kirk
    Troi and Spock

7. Based on his experience with ship layouts, Scotty is hoping to beam Kirk and Spock into a relatively quiet, uncrowded part of the enemy ship -- like a cargo bay. Unfortunately, he fails, and the fist and phaser battle is on. In the course of the fighting, Spock takes a prisoner and learns where Christopher Pike is being held. How does Spock gain this intelligence?
    Via a partial Vulcan nerve pinch
    Via logical persuasion
    Via a round of good cop, bad cop, with Kirk as the bad cop
    Via a Vulcan mind-meld

8. Armed with the inside knowledge they need, Kirk goes to rescue Captain Pike while Spock sets out to destroy the giant drill that's threatening Earth. What unusual tool does Spock have at his disposal?
    The Narada's aft cannons
    A canister of antimatter borrowed from the Enterprise
    A gigantic space wrench
    Another ship from the future: Ambassador Spock's science vessel

9. After a successful away mission and the near destruction of the Narada, Kirk, Spock, and Pike are beamed back to the Enterprise, where Scotty exults that he's never managed to beam "three people from two places to one transporter pad" before. Pike goes to sickbay; Kirk and Spock, to the bridge, where a wounded Nero declares his defiance. What do they say to him?
    Spock launches into a long diatribe concerning Nero's habits and parentage.
    Spock offers to pray with Nero.
    Kirk demands an apology, on pain of war with Romulus.
    Kirk offers to rescue Nero and any other Romulan survivors.

10. With a last-minute save by Scotty, the Enterprise is finally out of danger. Back at the Academy, Captain Pike becomes an admiral and Kirk jumps several ranks to become a captain. Spock, however, is torn between his duties to Starfleet and his duties to the Vulcan people. What advice does he receive about his dilemma?
    You're a science officer, not a statesman.
    Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
    Serve by protecting, with phasers.
    You can be in two places at once.

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