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ReBoot 1.4: "The Medusa Bug"

Created by Bruce007

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : ReBoot - Season 1
ReBoot 14 The Medusa Bug game quiz
"A new evil plan by Hexadecimal endangers the peace and civility of Mainframe. Does Bob have what it takes to fix the problem before it's too late? Reboot!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Enzo and Dot were getting ready to leave Dot's Diner and go on a picnic with Bob's recently restored car. Dot continuously delayed the trip because of what?
    Her fear of Bob's car.
    Her constant urge to work.
    Her discomfort in leaving her diner unattended.
    Her suspicion that a gamecube would land right on top of her.

2. After Bob drove away from the diner, the scene shifted to a viral perspective. Megabyte recently escaped from Hexadecimal's with Hex's prized Medusa Bug. Hack and Slash made a rather comedic response to the sight of the bug. Hack: "Finally, Hexadecimal's ultimate weapon", Slash: "What is it?", Hack: "_ ___". What were the two missing words from the response?
    A rock
    A box
    A mask
    A virus

3. Hexadecimal, disgusted by Megabyte's theft of her beloved weapon, decided to get her revenge by sending nulls to delete him. Hack and Slash stopped the nulls, and Megabyte ordered his troops to show Hexadecimal their "toys". After destroying most of Megabyte's attacking virals, Hexadecimal just left the remaining ones alone. Why?
    She was bored.
    She saw the error of her ways and decided to no longer be a virus.
    She wanted to get the Medusa Bug back.
    She wanted to preserve her limited energy.

4. It turned out that the Medusa Bug was not a weapon after all, it was a viral parasite that turned anything it touched to stone. Megabyte was consumed by the virus, as was his lair. Did Hexadecimal know what the weapon was, and did she plan everything that transpired?

5. With Bob's car out of commission at the side of the road, Enzo noticed Frisket running from the Medusa Bug. After Frisket turned to stone, Bob, Dot and Enzo headed to the Principal Office. Phong told them about the virus and also said something about Bob. What did Phong say regarding Bob?
    Bob might be able to get some help from the Supercomputer.
    Bob may be able to stop the Medusa with Glitch.
    Bob may be immune to the Medusa Bug.
    Bob is just as vulnerable as anyone is to the Medusa.

6. Informing Bob, Dot and Enzo about the danger everyone was in, Phong told Bob to follow him. Before that, however, Phong ordered Dot and Enzo to do something. What did Phong get the two to do?
    Evacuate everyone to Hexadecimal's island.
    Evacuate everyone into the Principal Office.
    Warn everyone and get them to take shelter in their homes.
    Attack and destroy Hexadecimal.

7. With Bob unable to acquire the sophisticated tools to fight the Medusa, Phong told Bob that they only had one possible solution to the Medusa Bug problem. It was a "Virus Erase Command". After boosting it's power, Bob tested it out on the virus. Did it have any effect, temporary or otherwise, on the virus?

8. With everyone hidden behind the safety of the shielded Principal Office, it seemed that the Medusa would be unable to infect all of Mainframe. Alas, the Medusa was able to infect the entire Principal Office. How did the Medusa manage to get past the Principal Office's shields?
    The Medusa powered down the entire system so the shield did hot have the strength to repel the virus.
    The Medusa turned the shield to stone, dissolved it, and then got into the Principal Office.
    The Medusa found a hole in the shield and took advantage of it.
    An unnamed saboteur lowered the shields for the virus.

9. Trying to stop Hexadecimal, Bob devised a plan that he thought would work, though it clearly did not. What did Bob try and do to Hexadecimal?
    Force her to repel the virus
    Delete her
    Infect her with the Medusa
    Arrest her and press criminal charges

10. With Bob in Hexadecimal's grasp, he somehow managed to persuade Hexadecimal to remove the Medusa Bug. What did Bob say that made Hexadecimal so quick to react and remove the infection from the system?
    There would be no more battles with Megabyte.
    Bob said all of these to Hexadecimal.
    There would be no more unexpected turns of events.
    There would only be peace and calm forever.

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