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Things Are Getting Wyrd

Created by Quiz_Beagle

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Things Are Getting Wyrd game quiz
"Shakespeare had three weird sisters in the play we won't name - Terry Pratchett had the Wyrd Sisters. This quiz can be played if you're familiar (or a familiar!) with either. Enjoy the quiz!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In 'Macbeth', the three witches met at 'a desert place'. In 'Wyrd Sisters', the three witches met on a storm-lashed hill. However, both sets spoke the same opening words - what were they?
    Where hast thou been, sister?
    When shall we three meet again
    All hail, Macbeth, thou shalt be king hereafter!
    Why, how now, Hecate! You look angerly

2. The 'Wyrd Sisters' are Granny Weatherwax (the most-highly regarded of the leaders that the witches don't have), Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick. Do the witches in 'Macbeth' have names?

3. Now for witchs' familiars. In 'Macbeth', the first witch had Graymalkin, a cat, the second had Paddock, a toad and the third had Harpier, a Harpie. In 'Wyrd Sisters', Nanny Ogg had Greebo, an evil one-eared tomcat. Magrat, however, had owned fifteen familiars in a year (not counting the horse), but they all seemed to have 'some terrible flaw, such as a tendency to bite, get trodden on, or, in extreme cases, metamorphose'. Her familiar in 'Wyrd Sisters' was unlikely to wander off. Nanny thought it was a rock, and Magrat was planning to call it by the highly unsuitable name of Lightfoot. What was it likely to be?
    A hare
    An ambiguous puzuma
    A rabbyt
    A tortoyse

4. In 'Macbeth' the three witches added tongue of dog to their spell. With what Granny Weatherwax noted as 'a lttle humour', what ingredient did the three witches add to their spell?
    Tongue and groove
    Tongue twister
    Tongue piercing
    Tongue of boot

5. In 'Wyrd Sisters', they conjured up a demon. In 'Macbeth', according to the stage directions, what did the witches conjure up?

    Two apparitions, followed by eight kings and a vision of Lady Macbeth
    Three apparitions, followed by eight kings and the ghost of Banquo
    Three demons, followed by seven kings and a dagger
    A demon

6. "Is this a dagger I see before me?" This line was spoken by both Macbeth and Lord Felmet. However, they were looking at something different - what were both men looking at?
    Macbeth - a handkerchief. Felmet - a dagger
    Macbeth - a vision of a handkerchief. Felmet - a vision of a dagger
    Macbeth - a dagger. Felmet - a dagger
    Macbeth - a vision of a dagger. Felmet - a handkerchief

7. In 'Wyrd Sisters', Lord Felmet was so upset about killing the King that he made strenuous efforts to get rid of the blood. With the famous words, "Out, damned spot!", who felt that way in 'Macbeth'?
    Lady Macbeth

8. What are both Felmet (about Verence) and Lady Macbeth (about Duncan) surprised that their victims have so much of?

9. Macbeth's witches knew Macbeth was about to join them and the second witch, in Act IV, said "By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes." In 'Wyrd Sisters' Magrat (who had learned a lot about witchcraft from books) asked Granny Weatherwax, who had just said "Something comes", whether she could tell "by the pricking of her thumbs". Granny replied no, by the pricking of her what?
    Answer: (One Word. Something you're far more likely to be able to tell someone's coming with. Plural.)

10. 'Macbeth' is one of Shakespeare's greatest tragedies. 'Wyrd Sisters' is a comedy. Out of the four bad characters in the two books, who is alive at the end?
    Lord Felmet and Lady Macbeth
    Lord and Lady Macbeth
    Macbeth and Lady Felmet

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