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Should've Seen THAT Comin'

Created by Snowman

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Shouldve Seen THAT Comin game quiz
"For as long as people have been writing, people have been writing hoaxes. Authors, publishers and readers have all been duped but should they have seen it coming?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. There are many reasons why the hoaxer does his work. For Clifford Irving it was about money. He hit upon a clever plan; to write the "autobiography" of a man known as a recluse and whom no-one could contact to confirm or deny his plans. Having received an advance for his book, Irving was forced to confess his subterfuge when the subject of the book, a billionaire airline magnate and movie producer, declared that he had never met Irving. Who was the subject of the book?
    Howard Hughes
    Paul Stoddart
    Samuel Goldwyn
    C.E. Woolman

2. Whilst some may have done it for money, other hoaxers have acted for the sheer fun of it. One such person was Dionysius the Renegade. He had written a play entitled "Parthenopeus", which his great rival Heraclides was tricked into believing was a lost work by a great Greek tragedian. Which playwright, the author of "Oedipus Rex" and "Antigone", did Heraclides insist was the play's true author?

3. Not all hoaxes are benign. Some have cost lives. Though its provenance is not known for certain, this hoax was almost certainly the work of Russian secret service official, Pytor Rachovsky. Purporting to be the minutes of a meeting of high-ranking Jewish officials, it was used by political leaders, such as Hitler, to justify acts of anti-Semitism throughout Europe. What was the pamphlet, thoroughly debunked in 1921 but used as propaganda by some into the 21st century?
    The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
    A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century
    The Franklin Prophecy
    The Book of Veles

4. The 15th century poet and historian, Rowley of Bristol, had been forgotten by the time his lost works were found in a parish church in the city towards the end of the 18th century. Perhaps this was understandable as the medieval priest was the creation of the mind of a talented schoolboy, who wrote the poems that would be critically lauded after his own tragically early death. Who was the young man, who himself became a romantic figure?
    Thomas Chatterton
    Charles Bertram
    Robert Southey
    Nicholas Rowe

5. In common with so many of his fellow hoaxers, William Henry Ireland had been written off by his father as a disappointing and worthless individual. To win back his father's admiration, Ireland produced several previously lost documents, purporting to be from the hand of none other than William Shakespeare. When he saw his plan working, he even went so far as to pen a "new" Shakespeare play that had lain hitherto undiscovered. After its debut performance it was exposed as being a hoax. What was the name of the play that was eventually re-published under Ireland's own name?
    Troilus and Cressida
    Titus Andronicus
    Vortigern and Rowena

6. The author Forrest Carter produced a great work in the early 70s that celebrated his upbringing as a member of the Native American Cherokee tribe. However, his tale, originally labelled "A True Story", was anything but. When this apparently hippyish, brown-skinned man started publicising his book, he was outed by former acquaintances as Asa Carter, a former KKK member and far right political speech writer. What was the name of the "memoir" that was re-released as a work of fiction after his unmasking?
    Little Man Little Man: A Story of Childhood
    The Education of Little Tree
    Roots: The Saga of an American Family
    Under the Cherokee Moon

7. Jean Shepherd committed a very different style of hoax. Instead of producing a book and fraudulently selling it to a publisher, he created demand for a book that didn't exist called "I, Libertine". So successful was his prank that someone eventually came to him with the idea of writing the book for real, as it was bound to sell in huge numbers. What was Shepherd's profession that allowed him to make his hoax so successful?
    Refuse Collector
    Late Night Radio DJ

8. Pierre Plantard may not be a household name, but another author has become so off the back of Plantard's hoaxes. He founded the Priory of Sion and created the "Dossiers Secrets d'Henri Lobineau". These documents established a false history for the Priory that positioned Plantard as a direct descendant of the Frankish kings of the Merovingian dynasty. The discovery of these documents in the French National Library led to the publication of "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail". This in turn inspired one of the bestselling novels of the early 21st century. What novel was this?
    The Kite Runner
    The Da Vinci Code
    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    The Lovely Bones

9. Lauded by no less a figure than Oprah Winfrey, "A Million Little Pieces" was seen as providing an important new voice for those in the struggle against addiction. Supposedly a memoir of the author's difficulties in battling his vices, when Winfrey discovered she had been hoodwinked, she invited the writer back on to her show to ambush and expose him. What was the name of the author who received such a public dressing-down?
    James Frey
    Dave Pelzer
    Dave Eggers
    Frank McCourt

10. Possibly the best known of modern hoaxes involved the embarrassment of several journalists and editors and a highly-regarded historian. Despite being riddled with inaccuracies and childish entries, the diaries that journalist Gerd Heidemann brought to the magazine "Stern" in Germany were potentially the greatest scoop of the 20th century; if they were real. Whose diaries, containing such fascinating entries as "Must get tickets to the Olympics for Eva", were described by autograph expert Kenneth Rendell as, "bad forgeries but a great hoax"?
    Adolf Hitler
    Willy Brandt
    Helmut Kohl
    Herman Goering

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