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"Lost" 6.15 "Across the Sea"

Created by christopherm

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Lost 615 Across the Sea game quiz
"The ultimate finale of "Lost" is approaching. As we draw closer to the finale, we learn the derivation and some history of Jacob and the MiB."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. A woman who appears to be in late term pregnancy and some distress washes up on the shore of the island. A mysterious woman provides care and comfort. What is the pregnant woman's name?

2. The pregnant woman suddenly goes into labor and twin boys are delivered. After the first baby is delivered, the pregnant woman says, "His name is Jacob." What does the pregnant woman say is the name of the second boy?
    "His name is Harvey."
    "Why don't you give him a name?"
    "I think I'll call him Sue."
    "I only picked one name."

3. Jacob's brother finds something embedded in the sand along the shoreline. What does Jacob's brother find on the beach?
    an amulet
    a game
    a compass
    a map

4. Their mother tells Jacob's brother (man in black) that Jacob revealed the truth to her about their game on the beach.

5. Jacob and his brother gleefully run through the jungle in pursuit of a boar. Their frivolity is interrupted however, by an unusual discovery. What do the brothers find?
    They see the Statue of Liberty.
    The brothers spot a polar bear.
    They discover a magnificent underground cavern.
    They find other island inhabitants.

6. Jacob and his brother are engaged in one of their favorite activities. Suddenly, Jacob's brother is startled by the appearance of someone. Who or what does Jacob's brother see?
    John Locke
    a talking boar
    his biological mother
    an animated pillar of smoke

7. As adults, Jacob and his brother lead separate lives. Nevertheless, they continue to share an activity which they have enjoyed since childhood. Jacob's brother claims to have found a way off the island. How does Jacob's brother demonstrate this to Jacob?
    Jacob's brother demonstrates the power of magnetic attraction.
    Jacob's brother renders himself invisible.
    He shows Jacob the power of gravity.
    He shows Jacob how to travel through time.

8. Jacob's brother exhibits great ingenuity and perseverance in the construction of a device in the form of an exotic wheel which may convey him off the island, which happens to be his greatest desire. Upon learning of his plans, how does the MiB's mother react?
    She states that she understands and departs.
    She has no feelings and simply leaves.
    She angrily destroys the wheel.
    She renders the MiB unconscious and then purges the village.

9. Arguably, but as Jacob himself states, he is the second choice of two for the ultimate preservation of the life-force that emanates from a place on the island. How does his mother cede this power to Jacob?
    She hands Jacob a diploma.
    She gives Jacob the answer to the ancient riddle.
    She tells Jacob to click his heels together three times.
    She performs a ceremony with a drink of wine.

10. Experiencing the utmost anguish in the demise of the only mother Jacob has ever known, he enacts the most horrible revenge that he can envisage upon his own twin brother. What does Jacob do to his brother?
    Jacob forgives his brother and does nothing.
    Jacob throws his brother off a cliff.
    Jacob thrusts his brother into the cave of golden light.
    Jacob forces his brother to do twenty laps around the island.

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