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I Think I Smell A Rat

Created by avrandldr

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I Think I Smell A Rat game quiz
"Questions on this quiz have three animals that belong in a particular category, along with one dirty rat that snuck in. Can you sniff out the impostors?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. You have just taken a new job as bouncer at the Animals' Club ("You're guaranteed to have a wild time!") and you're anxious to please. As you've come to find, the club has a lot of themed attractions, and your responsibility is to make sure that no animal sneaks in that doesn't belong. You report to work for your first day, and you're told that it's Mustelidae Monday! The following animals are lined up at the door--which one is trying to sneak in?
    Stoat or ermine
    Sable or marten

2. Once you sort out the Mustilidae group, your boss sidles over. "I need you at the other side of the club," he says. "It's Hominidae hour, and we have a couple primates arguing that they're 'close enough'." Which of the following primates do you need to kick out?

3. After Hominidae hour ends with no more incidents, you decide to check out the Lepidoptera lounge. It's a good thing too, because there's a particularly nasty imposter causing trouble in there. Which of the following insects will you be showing to the door?
    Painted lady

4. Reporting to work on Tuesday, you are told that one room in the club will be reserved for a Passerine party. You spy a few birds that have come early and are beginning to queue up to get in. But you notice that you will have to ask one of the birds to leave--which one?
    Wild turkey

5. It's a busy night! But you're going to have to clear the floor soon--on Tuesday nights, your club has Marsupial midnight hour. But one animal that is clearly not a marsupial (and who has had a few too many) causes a huge disturbance, and you have to wrestle him to the door. After that event is settled, your boss gives you the rest of the evening off--and tells you to check a scrape you have for poison before you go to bed. Who did you have to throw out?

6. Wednesday night is the big bug bash! You are assigned to cover the Arachnid area--which of the following animals would you not permit to come in?
    Praying mantis

7. You have to come in early on Thursday to help set up--the city is having its annual Rodent Run, and your club is trying to bill itself as the official watering hole. One entrant in the race is unfairly entered--you make a mental note that you'll have to turn him away if they let him run (though that sure would seem unfair). Which of the following animals would this be?

8. After the rodents are all settled, you are bumped over to the Viper VIP lounge (which is always full on rodent run days). The Elapidae family has reserved the lounge for this special occasion. It's very important that just the right snakes are let in here, but fortunately you know right away which snake is trying to sneak in. Which one is it?
    Death adder
    Spitting cobra

9. You stay late on Thursday night to check on the Billfish bowl, and make sure that nobody gets unruly--there are some pretty tough customers in there. Everything seems fine, even though you do notice one member of the bowl who's not a billfish. "It's alright," says the bartender, "he's a regular." Satisfied that everything's okay, you go to check out. But who did you notice?

10. Friday is your day off, but on Saturday you have to round off your week by working all night in the Lizard Lounge. Which one of the animals below would not be one of the regulars that you see there?
    Spiny-Tail Iguana
    Diamondback terrapin

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Compiled Jun 28 12