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2.14 "Black Market"

Created by illiniman14

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Battlestar Galactica- 2005- Season 2
214 Black Market game quiz
"Another Pegasus officer was killed and Lee Adama worked himself deep into the fleet to find the killer, only to uncover a larger criminal element."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. At the beginning of the episode, Commander Fisk's short reign over Pegasus was cut short by the head of the black market. How was he killed?
    Sent out of an airlock

2. During the autopsy of Fisk's body, Dr. Cottle was inspecting his mouth when he pulled something rather surprising out. What was it?
    A pen
    A key
    A cubit (money)
    A ring

3. When Apollo went aboard Pegasus in order to investigate Fisk's murder, another well-known member of the fleet showed up unexpectedly to meet with the late commander. Who was it?
    Billy Keikeya
    Laura Roslin
    Kara Thrace
    Gaius Baltar

4. Back on Galactica, Apollo confronted an officer because he found some of the officer's property in Fisk's quarters before noticing that he had fresh fruit and real liquor in his quarters. Who did Apollo meet?
    Lieutenant Gaeta
    Colonel Tigh
    Lieutenant Agathon
    Captain Kelly

5. Apollo was called to Cloud 9 because his female acquaintance on the ship, Shevon, had been visited by the same men who attacked Colonel Fisk. Before he could leave with her and her daughter, they returned and subdued him. What message did the man in charge tell Lee to give to Admiral Adama?
    Prepare for war if he was ever found
    Let Fisk's murder go and stop looking for the black market
    Admiral Adama was next
    He would take over the fleet if Adama did not back down

6. Later in Shevon's quarters, Commander Fisk's murderer was dead on the floor when Lee woke up. Tom Zarek came by because he had refused to work with Fisk on the black market. What reason did Zarek come up with for why the man was dead?
    They gave Fisk's murderer to Lee to give him a way out
    Shevon must have put up a fight and killed him
    They were sending a message that no one was safe aboard the fleet
    He probably wasn't supposed to kill Fisk, and was killed himself for the mistake

7. Aboard Prometheus, Apollo worked his way through an unseemly crowd before he finally found someone he recognized: a child. Who was it?

8. When Apollo finally met Phelan, the leader of the black market, face-to-face, Phelan told him what revelation about Shevon?
    She would be killed for Adama's continued disturbances
    She was one of Phelan's girls all along
    She had been a sleeper agent for Pegasus
    She was Phelan's wife

9. When Apollo took a gun from one of Phelan's henchmen, the action returned to continue the very first scene in the episode, where Phelan was explaining how Apollo wouldn't shoot him. What did Lee eventually do?
    Let Phelan live because he could get Shevon and her daughter to safety
    Let Phelan live after he agreed to end the violence in the fleet
    Let Phelan live after making the arrangement to send medical supplies to Galactica
    Shot Phelan

10. At the end of the episode, Dee was exercising with someone who she kissed while Lee was watching. Who was her new love interest?
    Brendan Costanza ("Hot Dog")
    Felix Gaeta
    Billy Keikeya
    Galen Tyrol

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