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The League

Created by BooshGirl

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The League game quiz
"An awesome quiz for fans of the FX Network comedy that revolves around a fantasy football league. Questions should be no problem if you have seen more than a few episodes. Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who is not an original member of the League?

2. In the episode "Sunday Dinner at Ruxin's", what legendary football player did Pete successfully contact after pretending to be the player's uncle?
    Joe Montana
    Marcus Allen
    Dick Butkus
    Terry Bradshaw

3. In the episode "Ghost Monkey", Pete dates Darcy, a girl with a very interesting quality. What is it about Pete's Halloween date that makes her so special?
    she has eight adopted kids
    she is a real witch
    she is a welder AND an exotic dancer
    she has webbed hands

4. Raffi is Ruxin's brother-in-law and causes a nuisance in the League as a member for a few episodes. What is the nickname the League dubs Raffi behind his back, only to find out later that he uses it himself?
    Hairy Bro-lo
    El Cuņado

5. Who is the one member that tends to be picked on by all the other League members for his tendency to wear tacky designer clothing?

6. What patron faux-pas did Ruxin commit at the restaurant in Chinatown?
    He accidentally cursed at his waiter in Chinese
    He stuck Taco with the bill
    He forgot to wash his hands before eating
    He washed his hands in the urinal

7. Which famous YouTube songwriter/comedian stars as Taco, Kevin's burnout brother, whose music is frequently featured on the show?
    Nick Kroll
    Jon Lajoie
    Mark Duplass
    Steve Rannazzisi

8. Andre, a plastic surgeon, decided to feature a line of calf implants at his practice designed after which Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver?
    Terrell Owens
    Jordan Shipley
    Jerome Simpson
    Chad Ochocinco

9. Which League member gained the nickname "The Herder" in high school for his habit of dating full-figured girls?

10. Named after a girl from their high school, what was the coveted trophy the guys competed for in season one?
    The Goopta
    The Kamini
    The Saleeka
    The Shiva

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Compiled Jun 28 12