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The Life of Mozart

Created by pinklover13

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The Life of Mozart game quiz
"Do you have what it takes to answer these questions about Wolfgang? Please take your time!"

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1. What is Mozart's baptismal name?
    Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

2. What type of style is Mozart's music?

3. What was Mozart's cause of death?
    Old age
    Mercury poisoning
    Rheumatic fever

4. Which of these is an opera by Mozart?
    Zur Namensfeier
    Fur Elise
    Don Giovanni
    King Stephen

5. When was Mozart born?
    27 January, 1756
    3 November, 1654
    29 October, 1755
    4 July,1739

6. Who was one of the people that Mozart was influenced by?
    J.C. Bach
    Lady Gaga
    David Cook

7. Which of these composers was strongly influenced by, and may even have taken some lessons from, Mozart?
    Max Reger
    Frederic Chopin
    All of these

8. What is the Kochel catalogue?
    Catalogue of compositions by Mozart
    The mail order catalogue for Mozart's publisher
    Unfinished piece of work
    Piece of music composed in C minor

9. At what age did Mozart begin to start composing little pieces?

10. What premiere did he conduct shortly before he died?
    Ascanio in Alba
    Paris Symphony no. 31
    The Magic Flute
    Lucio Sillia

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Compiled Jun 28 12