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Intense Camping

Created by kyleisalive

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Mixed 10 Q. Tough [A]
Intense Camping game quiz
"This isn't your grandma's camping; this is EXTREME camping. This is camping for rugged, dangerous people like myself. If you eat broken glass for breakfast, surf in lava, and spend time fighting bears, this is your type of camping! Raw camping POWER!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. GRRRRR. Normal campers would take a trip to an official campsite for a night, but our camping trip will take us to dangerous destinations that would make even King Kong weep in fear. Before we go, we'll need our camping equipment; rather than a sleeping bag, I'm bringing a pad of tough felt. Warm blankets are for weaklings! What is felt made of?

2. Let me tell you- last year when I decided to hike barefoot through the mountains I came across a Yeti! Because I'm so rugged I brought it down with my bare hands. The Yeti is commonly associated with which mountain range?

3. Nothing says 'RAW CAMPING POWER' like setting up a tent next to steaming hot lava flow! Just last month I spent four days camped out next to an active Hawaiian volcano. Nothing says adrenaline like molten basalt! Why couldn't I rest my head near some pillow lava?
    Pillow lava is a term used for lava found in the crater of the volcano
    Pillow lava is not a real term; you made that up and you should not go camping as punishment
    Pillow lava is only found in museums
    Pillow lava is only formed underwater

4. So where do you want to go for our excursion? If I may suggest, we should set up a camp in the town of Alert. I, for one, am not bringing a sweater...who needs a sweater when you have intense waves of adrenaline keeping you pumped up? Why would you need to be warm in Alert?
    It's in Antarctica
    It's the northernmost town in Canada
    It's NASA's name for the moon landing site
    It's on Scandinavia's northernmost island

5. BLECH! No one wants to eat that powdered or dehydrated trash when they're out camping in the wild. Out in the rugged wilderness I stir my black coffee (ground with my fists) every morning with a handful of raw meat. It's intense! If we go camping without food supplies, which of these would be dangerous to eat (even if we cook it)?
    All of these plants are dangerous

6. If I'm not willing to carry a tent around with me (which I never do; who needs shelter?) then what I'll do is collect and lug large branches from a forest and construct my own shelter from them. What item, made popular from episodes of "The Red Green Show", do I keep around my wrist to build my overnight lodgings?
    Bungee cables
    Post-It Notes
    Duct tape

7. If you're as intense as I am, you like to play roulette with your camping trip. Last month I hitched a ride on a helicopter and performed a skydive to a random destination so that I could find my way back to civilization. It's a rush, I tell you, at one hundred twenty miles per hour. What significance does this speed have in terms of skydiving?
    It's the terminal velocity for average descents
    It's the speed of an average helicopter
    It's the fastest speed at which one can deploy a parachute
    It's impossible to achieve this speed while skydiving

8. Camping is far from a walk in the park! In fact, to get my hiking rush, I take a bimonthly trip to a trail on Mt. Huashan. In which country could I visit this location known for its moniker as the 'World's Most Dangerous Trail'?

9. I've spent years camping in South America, particularly the Amazon rainforest. If there's anywhere to have a camping trip to the extreme, it's there. During my stay I developed an immunity to Allopumiliotoxin 267A, mostly due to my intricate encounters with which jungle creature?
    Poison Dart Frog
    King Cobra
    Little Shrikethrush

10. I've been to some pretty wild places in my journeys. Perhaps the most intense locale is San Pedro De Atacama, a dry region in Chile. While wandering about the Chilean desert, I took a swig of local water and carried on. Why is this a fascinating occurrence?
    It's illegal to consume water in this region of Chile
    The local waters are brackish and undrinkable as a result
    The local waters contain high levels of arsenic
    There is no water in the area

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