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Kage Baker's "Life of the World to Come"

Created by RufusDufus

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Kage Bakers Life of the World to Come game quiz
""The Life of the World to Come" is a Company novel by Kage Baker."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The immortal cyborg, Botanist Mendoza, is exiled in 150,000 BCE on which island off the coast of California?
    Angel Island
    Alcatraz Island
    Treasure Island
    Catalina Island

2. When Alec Checkerfield was young, he was raised aboard the yacht "Foxy Lady." What was the name of his nurse, a Jamaican Voodoo princess, who used to take him on smuggling runs?
    Mrs. Lewin

3. Though genetically engineered, Alec was raised as the natural issue of Roger and Cecelia Checkerfield. What event caused Alec to be raised by servants in a London mansion rather than aboard the "Foxy Lady?"
    Roger and Cecelia's divorce
    Roger's arrest for smuggling
    The sinking of the "Foxy Lady"
    Sarah's arrest for smuggling

4. When the man from Pembrook Technologies came to service Alec's Pembrook Playfriend, which version of "Treasure Island" was Alec watching?
    the 1934 version with Jackie Cooper & Wallace Beery
    the 1972 version with Orson Welles
    the 2016 version with Jonathon Frakes
    the 1950 version with Bobby Driscoll & Robert Newton

5. What title does Alec inherit after Roger dies diving while intoxicated?
    Earl of Finsbury
    Lord of the Dance
    Prince of Wales
    Prime Minister

6. The three scientists (Rutherford, Chatterji, and Ellsworth-Howard) responsible for genetically engineering Alec like to pretend they are drinking sherry (which is illegal) by putting what in their sherry glasses?
    apple juice
    prune juice

7. As a lad, Alec modifies his Pembrook Playfriend into a data pirate with massive memory. He later cyborgs himself to be linked into the system. What name does he give the virtual friend he creates in this system (the same name he later gives his ship)?
    Commander Faraday
    Captain Morgan
    Jolly Roger

8. After Alec figures out who is behind the lie of his parentage, whose system does he pillage in an attempt to figure out why?
    Dr. Zeus, Inc.
    The New York Stock Exchange
    Jovian Integrated Systems
    The London Times

9. When Alec steals a time machine from the company, temporarily out of touch with his system, he inadvertently goes back in time, and falls in love with who?
    The Iron Hand
    The Botanist Mendoza

10. Discovered in the information pirated from the company is a file called "Adonis" which tells of Alec's creation, as well as two previous versions. When Alec downloads the file, his personality is split. What are the names of his two alter egos?
    Ren and Stimpy
    George and Abraham
    Nicholas and Edward
    Rowan and Martin

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Compiled Jun 28 12