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Nature(al) Born Killers

Created by sestovall

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Natureal Born Killers game quiz
"The things that go bump in the night (or day) are even scarier when they might "really happen". Many horror movies have played to those fears, especially with killer critters and creatures. Here's a quiz about these possibly nature(al) born killers."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Some of the best thrillers/horror movies have been based on books. In 1974, a novel came out that would later become a major motion picture, which made America afraid to go into the water, or at the very least along the New England coastline. What movie played to the fear of what lurks beneath still waters?
    Red Water

2. Dear Movieland government, in the future we would all appreciate you not "testing" out experiments on animals that already give most of us the willies. Additionally, we would really, really, really appreciate you not pick the kind that can fly, and therefore, fly AWAY from you and AFTER us! Look up in the sky! It's a bird! it's a plane! No... it's a completely different flying creature. In this 1999 movie, a small Texas town fell under siege to an attack of the flying, government-mutated kind. In what movie did Lou Diamond Phillips play Sheriff Emmett Kimsey, a man out to protect his town from these winged terrors?
    The Birds

3. Picture this: you head out for a peaceful weekend of fishing, swimming, and kicking back with the family. All of a sudden the water begins to churn and you're now face to face with a very unpleasant surprise. You frantically try to remember if it's an alligator or crocodile with the rounded snout. In what 1999 film did the characters Jack Wells, Kelly Scott, and and Hector Cyr make you wonder about your reptilian knowledge?
    Lake Placid
    The Deep

4. Of course, a quiz on killers found in nature would not be complete without the creepy, crawly kind of critters. For this question you need to guess the correct title from the following clues. Clue 1: Oversized arachnids; Clue 2: government experiment gone wrong; Clue 3: David Arquette.
    Eight Legged Freaks
    The Net
    Black Widow

5. Since these killers are found in nature, it's safe to assume that nowhere is really safe, especially if you decide to take a cruise up the Amazon River. Forget about the multiple number of insects, spiders, and other critters that might take a run at ending your years, if you are in this movie, you are also going to be trying to outlast a "legend" of the river. This 1997 movie answered the question: "You mean there are snakes out there this big?" Name the film.
    Answer: (One Word, starts with A)

6. Ok, now seriously, I have as much respect for any nature(al) born killer as the next girl, but some places you just assume are completely off limits. However, in 2006, a bunch of people got a very big surprise. After being removed from first class, these passengers settled in for what they thought would be an easy leg home, but a crafty, dare I say, slithering, criminal wanted to ensure that a certain witness never made it home. What 2006 movie am I describing where killers take flight?
    Answer: (Four Words, think aviation and venom)

7. A big fear I know I have when it comes to deadly creatures is the fear of an unexpected encounter. You know, say you're cleaning out the barn, or putting on your slippers, turning off a lamp, or even getting a good bottle of red from your wine cellar. You just never know when a creature is going to strike. In this movie, all of these places became the killers' hunting ground, despite an attempt at extermination. What movie had these killer locations, or should I say, killers in these locations?
    Eight Legged Freaks
    They Nest

8. One would think that the government of movie land would have learned by now that messing with mother nature is a bad, bad idea. However they just don't seem to get it. In what 1978 movie did an Army experiment gone wrong, ironically named "Operation Razorteeth", release hundreds of sharp toothed water bound nature(al) born killers onto an unsuspecting summer camp?
    The Deep
    Shark Attack
    Sleepaway Camp

9. Mix in a talking gorilla, a hunt for diamonds, a missing camp of explorers, and a legendary, perhaps mythical place, and who would be surprised to find some dangerous and deadly nature(al) born killers protecting the diamond mines. What 1995 movie, adapted from a novel, am I describing?
    George of the Jungle
    Killer Croc

10. Ok, so here's a question for you. You're in a boardroom, discussing how to hunt down and harvest a very special flower. Now this is all well and good, except that the flower you're looking for is located in Borneo, in a place known to be inhabited by larger version of an already large species. Forget the fact that this particular species of snake has already offed most of an independent film crew, which you are already aware of, but there are also satellite images suggesting there may be more than one of these slithering beasts around. What 2004 nature(al) born killer sequel may actually have you rooting for the killer rather than the stupid, greedy cast?
    Anaconda III: Offspring
    Boa vs. Python
    Anacondas: Trail of Blood
    Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid

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Compiled Jun 28 12