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The Classic Rock Jukebox #9

Created by 25or6to4

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The Classic Rock Jukebox 9 game quiz
"I only put the best rock and roll songs on my jukebox. These classics are bound to bring back memories, but the questions still might stump you. (Background knowledge required for some questions.)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which of the following songs was a hit for The Mamas and the Papas in 1966?
    Happy Together
    I Saw Her Again
    Wouldn't It Be Nice
    I'm A Believer

2. Which group had a Billboard Hot 100 number 1 hit in 1965 with "Hang On Sloopy"?
    Paul Revere and the Raiders
    Question Mark and the Mysterians
    The Turtles
    The McCoys

3. Name the one word title of The Dave Clark Five hit with the following verse:

"It's wrong to say I don't think of you
'Cause when you say these things
You know it makes me blue
Give me one kiss and I'll be happy
Just, just to be with you
Give me, give me, a chance to be near you
Because, because I love you"
    Answer: (One Word)

4. Name the Paul Revere and the Raiders song with the following first verse:

"Girl, you thought you found the answer on that magic carpet ride last night
But when you wake up in the mornin' the world still gets you uptight
Well, there's nothin' that you ain't tried
To fill the emptiness inside."
But when you come back down, girl
Still ain't feelin' right"
    Midnight Ride
    Just Like Us

5. What was the anti-war protest song released by Barry McGuire in 1965?
    Unknown Soldier
    Ballad of the Green Berets
    Eve of Destruction
    Gimme Shelter

6. What did Gary Lewis and the Playboys ask us to buy?
    Answer: (Two Words, Think Shiny)

7. Name this 1961 Dion and the Belmonts hit from it's first verse:

"Here's my story, sad but true
It's about a girl that I once knew
She took my love then ran around
With every single guy in town"
    A Teenager in Love
    Runaround Sue
    The Wanderer
    Ruby Baby

8. In the movie "Star Trek: First Contact", which Steppenwolf song did Zefram Cochrane play during the Phoenix's first flight?
    Sookie Sookie
    Born To Be Wild
    Magic Carpet Ride
    Hey Lawdy Mama

9. For which James Bond movie did Paul McCartney and Wings have a hit with the title song?
    For Your Eyes Only
    A View to a Kill
    Live and Let Die
    The Living Daylights

10. Which group had a number 1 Billboard Hot 100 hit with "Incense and Peppermints" in 1967?
    Tommy James and the Shondells
    The Spencer Davis Group
    The Dave Clark Five
    Strawberry Alarm Clock

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Compiled Jun 28 12