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Ten Tigers in Sports

Created by MikeMaster99

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Ten Tigers in Sports game quiz
"The tiger (Panthera tigris) is at the top of the food chain, dominating his or her surroundings. This makes the name highly popular to evoke fear and respect on the world's sporting fields. Can you pick which sport these tigers play?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Young Eldrick Woods was a child prodigy at his chosen sport. He's gone on to set records for the most PGA tournaments won before the age of 25 and between the ages of 20 and 29. He also set records for the most wins after 25, 75 and 100 starts. He drives, chips and putts. So what sport does this 'Tiger' play?

2. These Bengal Tigers (Bengals) came into existence in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1966 and won their first conference championship in 1981. Wide receivers, strong safeties and four downs feature in this game of strategy, physical intimidation and speed. So which sport do these Tigers play?
    Ice Hockey
    Rugby Union
    American Football

3. This Tigers team was founded in 1885 in a working class suburb of Melbourne. The eighteen players from each team on the oval-shaped field take overhead marks, kick torpedo punts, deliver handballs and aim for the 'big sticks' to score. The mighty Richmond Tigers won 10 premierships before the VFL expanded to become the AFL in 1990, but in which sport?
    Australian Rules Football
    American Football (Gridiron)
    Rugby League

4. These Tigers come from Leicester in the English midlands. This club was established in 1880 and they play their matches on a rectangular field with H-shaped goal posts at either end. The 15 players on each side include the hooker, loose-head and tight-head props, locks and wingers, and aim to score tries by moving the ball up the field and grounding it over the goal line while engaging in fierce rucks and mauls. Which sport do these Tigers play?
    Gaelic Football
    Rugby Union
    Rugby League

5. The Medicine Hat Tigers rely on precision passing, fast breaks, power plays and an outstanding goaltender as they play on an area of approximately 61 metres (200 ft) × 26 metres (85 ft). These Tigers have won many WHL championships and Memorial Cups. But what sport do these Tigers play?
    Ice Hockey
    Football (soccer)

6. These Auburn Tigers are a multi-talented group! The men's and women's teams have many NCAA titles. The most decorated US Olympian from this team is Rowdy Gaines, but Tigers from other nations have also won Olympic Gold, including Brazil's César Cielo Filho and Zimbabwe's Kirsty Coventry. In what sport have these Tigers made a splash?
    White water kayaking
    Swimming and diving
    Synchronised swimming

7. These Tigers are owned by the Hanshin Electric Railway Company and are a 'sister' team of one in Detroit. They won their first Japeanese Series title in 1985. Bunts, pop flies, knuckle-balls and RBIs are all features of the game these Tigers play. But what sport is it?
    American Football

8. These Tigers, or more correctly Tigres, play for the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León in Mexico. They won the Primera Division Championship in 2011, their third success, and first in 29 years. In 2005, they won the InterLiga Championship in Houston, and hence qualified for the Copa Libertadores de América. In each game, the 11 players from this team try to remain onside while effectively using corners and their heads (and feet) to score. But what sport do these Tigers play?
    Rugby League
    Field Hockey

9. This 'Tiger' was born in 1968 in Gdañsk, Poland. Dariusz Michalczewski has won world titles in the WBO, WBF and IBF groupings. This professional success occurred after a wonderful amateur career where he only lost twice in 150 encounters. Hooks, jabs, blocks and uppercuts were the tools of his trade and he was always looked after by an attentive 'second'. So at which sport did 'Tiger' Michalczewski excel?

10. Bill 'Tiger' O'Reilly was a fierce competitor on the sporting field. He played 27 times for Australia between 1932 and 1946, in a career interrupted by World War II. His medium pace leg-breaks, top-spinners and googlies dismissed 144 batsmen in those games; his bowling average of 22.59 places him in the elite rank of all Test bowlers. So which sport did this Tiger play?

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