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The Seven Dwarfs: Sneezy

Created by stedman

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Thematic 10Q Difficult
The Seven Dwarfs Sneezy game quiz
"Take a big, big box of tissues and join your friendly guides the Quiz Makers' Guild for a little journey through some questions all inspired in radically differing ways by what happens when you really, really have to....ATCHOO!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. My grandmother used to take snuff to make her sneeze. She was a highly respectable old lady, and an unlikely participant in anything "racy" or dangerous, yet snuff-taking has been associated with some severe consequences over the years. Which of these has never been considered a risk of snuff-taking?
    Cirrhosis of the liver
    Removal of the nose

2. If Sneezy let out a sneeze in an English-speaking country, which of the following phrases would be a traditional response from anyone standing nearby?
    There's a pig in the garden
    Down the hatch
    Bless you
    Mind the gap

3. How did a lab technician called Frederick P. Ott and his fondness for snuff help change the history of the movies?
    His boss Walt Disney used the picture on his favourite snuff box as the inspiration for Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
    His snuff box inspired a key component in early movie cameras that relieved pressure on the film, allowing movies over two minutes long to be made for the first time
    A film of Ott sneezing was the first ever copyrighted motion picture
    He was fired after spilling snuff into some vital equipment and Walt Disney was hired to replace him

4. This Canadian musician, born Peter Hodgson, is probably best known for his portrayal of country music legend Hank Williams in the play and film, "Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave."
    Sneezy Waters
    Sneezy Peppers
    DJ Sneezy

5. In 2010 scientists in Burma/Myanmar discovered a new species of endangered monkey, Rhinopithecus strykeri, which soon became commonly known as the Sneezing Monkey. Why was this?
    Its staple diet is the spiky leaves of the Pride of Burma tree, which tickle its nose and make it sneeze
    It's allergic to human pheromones so sneezes a lot in the presence of people
    Its nose points upwards, so it sneezes when it rains
    Its fur gives off a unique aroma that makes humans sneeze uncontrollably

6. Many myths surround the physical act of sneezing. In the Middle Ages it was said that sneezing was, in pre-Christian times, always fatal - until a Biblical character made a pact with God. Which twin, who was given a new name by an Angel, was said to have made the pact?

7. In the early bars of Zoltán Kodály's opera "Háry János" there is an orchestral imitation of a sneeze. According to Hungarian folklore, what does this sneeze signify?
    The hearer of the story will shortly die.
    The storyteller will have a year's bad luck.
    The storyteller must be rewarded for telling his tale.
    The story we are going to hear is true.

8. Two characters in a 1993 Mel Brooks comedy could have been relatives of Sneezy the Dwarf: Asneeze and Ahchoo. Ahchoo, son of Asneeze, is an exchange student in England, and soon falls in with a politically active -- and very merry -- crowd. Who is the leader of this band and the title character of the movie?
    John Carter
    Young Frankenstein
    Robin Hood
    William Wallace

9. One of the little known facts about Sneezy is that he's always wanted to enter into a race. If the race was judged by the *average speed of a sneeze* rather than that of his feet, what would his pace be?
    Around 950mph, as fast as a speeding bullet
    Around 70mph, the top-speed of a cheetah
    Around 34mph, similar to a hummingbird
    Around 95mph, the wind speed of a Category 2 hurricane

10. In the 70s number 1 hit by Manfred Mann's Earth Band (written by Bruce Springsteen), what crashed to the ground "with a very unpleasin' sneezin' and wheezin'"?

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Compiled Jan 22 13