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Inaugural Firsts

Created by card183

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Presidential Inaugurations
Inaugural Firsts game quiz
"Here are 10 questions about US presidents who, in one way or another, introduced something new at their inaugurations."

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1. In 1865, what president was the first to have African-Americans participating in the inaugural parade at his second inauguration?
    Thomas Jefferson
    John Adams
    John Tyler
    Abraham Lincoln

2. In 1857, James Buchanan was the first to have his inauguration recorded via a new technology. What was it?
    Talking newsreel

3. In 1801, the third president was the first to be inaugurated in Washington, D.C. rather than in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Which president was it?
    Thomas Jefferson
    James K. Polk
    William Henry Harrison
    Zachary Taylor

4. In 1897, the 25th president was the first to have his inaugural proceedings recorded as a motion picture. Who was it?
    Ulysses S. Grant
    James Monroe
    William McKinley
    Franklin Pierce

5. In 1949, the 33rd president was the first whose inaugural address was televised. Who was it?
    Harry S. Truman
    Herbert Hoover
    Lyndon B. Johnson
    Theodore Roosevelt

6. The 30th president, Calvin Coolidge, was sworn in as president by whom?
    His father
    His wife
    His priest
    A sheriff

7. For his second inauguration in 1965, Lyndon B. Johnson was the first president to travel to the ceremony in what kind of vehicle?
    Bullet-proof limousine

8. Who was the first president to wear long trousers (1825) and who was the last to wear a stovetop hat (1961) to their respective inaugurations?
    Ulysses S. Grant, George Washingon
    Thomas Jefferson, Bill Clinton
    John Quincy Adams, John F. Kennedy
    Zachary Talor, Richard Nixon

9. The ninth president was the first to die while still in office. Who was this man also known for giving the longest inaugural address?
    John Adams
    Herbert Hoover
    Harry S. Truman
    William Henry Harrison

10. At his second inauguration on January 21, 2013, Barack Obama was sworn in using Bibles that belonged to two other people. Who were they?
    George Washington and John Hancock
    Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln
    John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton
    Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt

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