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A Challenge Lost

Created by dcpddc478

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A Challenge Lost game quiz
"Here are ten different animals that lost the challenge to stay alive. Most became extinct through the sheer stupidity and ignorance of humans. These animals will never be seen again except in the artwork that some of us were smart enough create. "

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1. The animal depicted here is one of the most recognized animals to have become extinct in the 20th century, which of the following is NOT one of the names that it was known by?
    Tasmanian devil
    Tasmanian tiger
    Tasmanian wolf

2. Where would you have had to travel if you wanted to see quagga before it went extinct?
    The Sahara Desert
    The Atlas Mountains
    South Africa

3. While you may have heard of the dodo bird, but can you tell me what island was home to this extinct animal?

4. The sea mink was hunted into extinction for its musk, which was used to make perfume.

5. On which continent would you have been able to see the Bubal hartebeest in its native habitat?
    North America
    South America

6. What kind of animal is the Pyrenean Ibex, which is listed as becoming extinct in 2000?

7. What was the behavior that The Falkland Islands wolf displayed that played a large part in its extinction?
    They drowned in peoples pools.
    They only reproduced once every 5-7 years.
    They ate introduced rats to which they were allergic.
    They had no fear of humans.

8. In 1927, extinction caught up with which of the following creatures?
    Leguat's giant
    Norfolk kaka
    Eskimo curlew
    Caucasian Wisent

9. Which of these statements about the extinct Carolina parakeet is true?
    It was poisonous to eat
    It was known to attack and kill hawks, falcons and eagles
    It could change the color of its feathers for camouflage
    It lived in underground caves which it never left

10. This is an image of a bluebuck which was hunted to extinction for which of the following reasons?
    So their habitat could be turned into agricultural land
    They were very aggresive and hunted cattle
    Their meat was said to be very delicious
    Natives suddenly believed they were responsible for an outbreak of cholera

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Compiled Nov 09 13