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Quiztory The Seventh

Created by Ikabud

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Quiztory The Seventh game quiz
"'History will say that the right honorable gentleman was wrong in this matter. I know it will, because I shall write the history.' Quote by Sir Winston Churchill. Ten more historical ponderables. Good luck."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which famous British politician became Member of Parliament for the Finchley(London) constituency in 1959?
    Margaret Thatcher
    Harold Wilson
    Winston Churchill
    Tony Blair

2. What did Capt. Alcock and Lt. Brown achieve in 1919?
    The first Atlantic crossing in a rowing boat
    The first successful trek to the North Pole
    The first non stop trans Atlantic flight
    The first successful climb of the Eiger

3. Which organisation kidnapped Patty Hearst?
    The Black Panthers
    The Symbionese Liberation Army
    Black September
    The Baader Meinhoff Gang

4. Where was the Magna Carta signed?
    Westminster Palace
    Windsor Castle
    The Tower of London

5. Who reigned in England during the English Civil War?
    Nobody, Cromwell was in charge
    Charles II
    Charles I
    James I

6. Which famous battle took place in June,1314?
    The Battle of Bannockburn
    The Battle of Hastings
    The Battle of Stirling Bridge
    The Battle of Stamford Bridge

7. During which war was the Battle of Sedan fought?
    The French and Indian War
    The Boer War
    Franco Prussian War
    The Crimean War

8. Who, in 1925, said, 'England is ripe for revolution'?
    Joseph Stalin
    Adolf Hitler
    Benito Mussolini
    Leon Trotsky

9. Which innovation of Admiral Vernon's brought good cheer to the English Navy?
    The extension of shore leave
    The issue of grog
    The introduction of religious services
    The introduction of sailors pensions

10. Which French revolutionary did Carlyle call the 'Sea Green Incorruptible'?
    Jacques Rene Hebert
    Georges Jacques Danton

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