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50 Years of Ferrari

Created by minardifan

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : The First 50 Years
50 Years of Ferrari game quiz
"Ferrari have competed in Formula One since 1950 so their history is large and varied. Hopefully you'll enjoy this quiz on the most successful team in Formula One history."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. 14th July 1951: a famous day for Ferrari as they win their first GP at Silverstone. Which driver won that first race for the Prancing Horse?
    Jose Froilan Gonzalez
    Luigi Villoresi
    Alberto Ascari
    Piero Taruffi

2. Alberto Ascari holds the record for the most consecutive victories (during the 50 years), all in a Ferrari. How many did he win in a row?

3. Who drove a Ferrari to victory in the 1955 Monaco GP?
    Eugenio Castelloti
    Maurice Trintignant
    Mike Hawthorn
    Giuseppe Farina

4. In 1956, the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio joined the Prancing Horse stables. However, the Ferrari team did not use their own chassis but instead inherited a chassis off another marque which had quit F1. Which marque's chassis did they use?
    Alfa Romeo

5. Although Ferrari had dominated the majority of the 1950s, the team was to lose the first ever World Constructors Championship to a British team. Who were they?

6. In 1959, rear-engined cars began to dominate Grand Prix racing and by 1960 the old front-engined machines were outclassed. Where did Ferrari take the last victory for a front-engined car?

7. There were new rules for 1961, with the arrival of the 1.5 litre formula and Ferrari, who had sacrificed 1960 to build the new car, dominated the season. Drivers Phil Hill and Wolfgang von Trips battled for the title, but another Ferrari driver won on his debut at the French GP. Who was he?
    Answer: (Two words, or just surname)

8. Which former motorcycle champion joined Ferrari in 1963 and won the World Championship in 1964?
    Answer: (Two words, or just surname)

9. Which driver was tragically killed at the 1967 Monaco GP in a Ferrari?
    Ludovico Scarfiotti
    Ignazio Giunti
    Giancarlo Baghetti
    Lorenzo Bandini

10. Who won an emotional first victory in a Ferrari at the 1970 Italian GP?
    Clay Regazzoni
    Chris Amon
    Jacky Ickx
    Pedro Rodriguez

11. Ferrari had a lean period between 1971 and 1973, winning only two races, while most of the time their cars were uncompetitive. However, the arrival of Niki Lauda in 1974 heralded a resurgance within the Ferrari team, along with the arrival of which team manager?
    Eugenio Dragoni
    Cesare Fiorio
    Luca Montezemolo
    Dino Ferrari

12. Which driver has been forever associated with Ferrari and the number 27 since his death in 1982?
    Answer: (Two words, or just surname)

13. Who won the 1983 San Marino Grand Prix for Ferrari (in the no. 27) well aware that his great friend Gilles Villeneuve had been robbed of certain victory by team-mate Didier Pironi in 1982?
    Rene Arnoux
    Mario Andretti
    Michele Alboreto
    Patrick Tambay

14. In 1984, Enzo Ferrari hired the first Italian driver for Ferrari, Michele Alboreto. He would win one race in 1984. Which race?
    Belgian GP - Spa
    Belgian GP - Zolder
    French GP - Dijon
    American GP - Detroit

15. The world of Formula One was saddened by the loss of Enzo Ferrari in 1988, a season dominated by McLaren. However, Ferrari would win at Monza, delighting everyone in Formula One. But McLaren driver Senna had been taken out by which Williams driver only two laps from the end?
    Jean-Louis Schlesser
    Riccardo Patrese
    Nigel Mansell
    Martin Brundle

16. Nigel Mansell won on his Ferrari debut in Brazil, 1989. Which other race did he win during that season?
    Portuguese GP
    Hungarian GP
    Italian GP
    British GP

17. Which driver replaced Alain Prost after the Frenchman was unceremoniuosly fired by the Ferrari management only days before the 1991 Australian GP?
    Nicola Larini
    Gianni Morbidelli
    Jean Alesi
    Ivan Capelli

18. Ferrari would experience thier leanest patch ever at the beginning of the 90s, failing to win a race between the 1990 Spanish and 1994 German GPs. How many races did that add up to?

19. In 1996, double World Champion Michael Schumacher joined Ferrari, promising to win their first title since 1979. Who had won that title in 1979?
    Gilles Villeneuve
    Jody Scheckter
    Clay Regazzoni
    Carlos Reutemann

20. In 2000, Michael Schumacher delivered on his promise of winning the World Championship for Ferrari in an immensely successful season. How many races did he win that season?

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