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For Die-hard Stoogephiles

Created by hank2001

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For Diehard Stoogephiles game quiz
"Challenging enough for a true fan, but not impossible so as not to be fun."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which actor was not a Stooge regular?
    Vernon Dent
    Emil Sitka
    Bud Jamison
    Tom Conway

2. The theme music for the Stooges shorts consisted of two popular tunes that would alternate from short to short. One of these tunes was 'Three Blind Mice'. What was the other one?
    Farmer in the Dell
    Swinging the Alphabet
    The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down
    Listen To The Mockingbird

3. What is the only Stooge short nominated for an Oscar?
    Micro Phonies
    Men in Black
    Disorder in the Court
    Ants in the Pantry

4. What is the only short in which all three Howard brothers (Shemp, Curly, Moe) appeared?
    Hold That Lion
    An Ache in Every Stake

5. What was significantly different from 'You Nazty Spy' and its sequel 'I'll Never Heil Again'?
    Curly played Von Limburger instead of Von Hossenfeiffer
    The setting was Moronica instead of Mickyfinland
    Curly was no longer paroding Mussulini
    Moe's Hitler did not have a mustache

6. There were two remakes of 'Hoi Polloi', including 'Half-wit's Holiday' and 'Pies and Guys'. Who is the only stooge (of the ones that starred in shorts) that was not in a version of this?

7. What is significant about the Shemp short 'Self-made Maids'?
    Shemp was out sick for half the short
    The stooges played every part themselves
    The Stooges' wives played themselves
    It was the last one made with Shemp

8. In 'Cuckoo-On-A-Choo Choo', Larry played a low class, abusive slob who steals a train and is discovered by detective Moe. Larry was paroding a famous actor in a popular play at that time. Who was it?
    Paul Newman
    Lee Marvin
    Charles Bronson
    Marlon Brando

9. Which title is NOT a parody of a popular SONG?
    I'll Never Heil Again
    Swing Low Sweet Charlie
    So Long, Mr. Chumps
    In the Sweet Pie-and Pie

10. When a scene required a pie being thrown in someone's face, who was ususally asked by the director to do it?
    Christine McIntire

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Compiled Jun 28 12