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Who Painted Me?

Created by MissScarlet

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Matching Artist and Art
Who Painted Me game quiz
"Artists breathe life into their paintings, now those paintings are challenging you to figure out who gave them that life! Answer with first, last, or first & last names. Spelling counts! Hint: words in quotations mean a play on words!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. I sit quietly, watching you through eyes that have a twinkle of merriment. My hands rest on my lap. I am most noted for my private and beguiling grin and my missing eyebrows . . .

Who painted me?
    Answer: (First, last or full name acceptable)

2. I stand in the wind with a parasol in my hand. The grass is many shades beneath me. My white dress billows out. My face lacks real definition, which is common in the style I was painted in, but that's just my "impression." Not appearing in this painting is my beloved water lily pond . . .

Who painted me?
    Answer: (First, last or full name acceptable)

3. I am the father of our country. I stand proudly with my men around me. The air is cold and the water around us is littered with ice. On my boat is the flag of our nation. As we cross, I am "aware" . . .

Who painted me?
    Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze
    John Vanderlyn
    Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier
    Edwin Long

4. I'm a real person who was depicted in this Pop Artist's work. I look as good as I did in person, down to my mole and signature hairdo. But you know, being cooped up in a painting like this has given me a seven year itch . . .

Who depicted me in an artwork?
    Answer: (First, last or full name acceptable)

5. I am filled with emotion as I stand with my hands clasped to the sides of my distorted face. I stand against a railing as I stare out into the distance with a swirl of colors lining the sky behind me. It's almost enough to make you "scream!"

Who painted me?
    Answer: (First, last or full name acceptable)

6. We stand morose. My father looks at you, but I stare off, probably thinking about our cattle that needs taking care of. Our farmhouse is visible behind us. My father wields a pitchfork, that stands between us. Many think we are a puritanical man and wife, but I was painted with intentions to be his daughter . . .

Who painted us?
    Answer: (First, last or full name acceptable)

7. In this Baroque picture, I am surrounded by two women. One of them is leaning atop me, and the other robust woman stands beside my bed, where I lay on my back, concealed behind only a blanket. Of course, the fact that the standing woman has just pushed a sword through my throat adds to my predicament!

Who painted us?
    Peter Paul Rubens
    Eugene Boudin
    Frans Hals
    Artemisia Gentileschi

8. I am quite young, but I stand garbed as regal as any noble, with an attitude to match! The predominant color of my attire is blue, but I like to consider it silver! I hold my feathered hat lazily by my side. I'm quite a "boy!"

Who painted me?
    Thomas Gainsborough
    Sir Joshua Reynolds
    Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo
    Hubert Robert

9. My child sits balanced on my lap, atop my striped dress. In a basin of water, I wash my daughter's feet. The "impression" you get is that I love and adore my daughter and whisper to her, "Je t'adore."

Who painted us?
    Answer: (First, last or full name acceptable, Female Artist)

10. I, unlike the others, am three dimensional. I stand relaxed, with my skirts around my hips. I am most noted though, for my lack of arms. Oh well, what's a woman with the name of a goddess to do?

Who sculpted me?
    Auguste Rodin
    Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux

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Compiled Jun 28 12