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Secrets of BC- The Lower Mainland

Created by hilthepill

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Secrets of BC The Lower Mainland game quiz
"The region known as "The Lower Mainland" in British Columbia, Canada is very diverse and interesting. Test your knowledge here!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The Lower Mainland has an extensive transit network. In what year was the network voted "Transit System of the Year"?

2. What international competition is held in Vancouver during the summer months that consistently draws in crowds in the hundreds of thousands?
    The Grey Cup
    The Celebration of Light
    The Polar Bear Swim
    The Greater Vancouver Open

3. What annual concert is held, symbolizing the end of the school year for many university students?
    Vans Warped Tour
    Arts County Fair
    Year-End Bash
    The Crush

4. Vancouver plays host to the second largest ten kilometer run in all of North America. What is this run called?
    The Vancouver Challenge
    Van City 10 K
    The Sun Run
    Vancouver Mini Marathon

5. What large natural area in the lower mainland is home to black bears, deer, coyotes, beavers, sphagnum moss, Labrador tea, and a sunken tractor?
    Derby Reach
    Stanley Park
    Burns Bog
    Red Pine Forest

6. This university has the highest suicide rate in all of British Columbia.
    University of Caledonia
    University of British Columbia
    Simon Fraser University
    University of Victoria

7. What is the city of Surrey's motto?
    The friendly city.
    The city of diversity.
    A great place live and grow.
    The future lives here.

8. To which major sporting event was Vancouver host in the year 2010?
    The Soccer World Cup
    The Commonwealth Games
    The Rugby World Cup
    The Winter Olympics

9. What is the name of Vancouver's hockey team?
    Answer: (Two Words (city and name))

10. What major Lower Mainland city is on an island?
    North Delta
    Pitt Meadows

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Compiled Jan 26 13