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My Favorite Authors

Created by robynraymer

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Authors and their Works
My Favorite Authors game quiz
"Each of these multiple-choice questions has to do with one or more of my favorite authors. Have fun!"

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1. Which of these novels did Jane Austen write?
    The House of Mirth
    The Mill on the Floss
    Wuthering Heights

2. Which book is NOT by George Orwell?
    Burmese Days
    A Passage to India
    Keep the Aspidistra Flying
    Down and Out in Paris and London

3. Which children's author wrote the Melendy books (such as "The Four Story Mistake") and the Gone-Away Lake books?
    Elizabeth Enright
    Cynthia Voigt
    Beverly Cleary
    Irene Hunt

4. Who wrote "Lucky Jim"?
    Kingsley Amis
    Thomas Hardy
    George Orwell
    E.M. Forster

5. Which series did children's author Walter R. Brooks write?
    the Frog and Toad books
    the Little House books
    the Freddy the Pig books
    the Wizard of Oz books

6. Which is NOT an Anne Tyler novel?
    A Patchwork Planet
    Saint Maybe
    Breathing Lessons
    A Map of the World

7. In "Middlemarch" by George Eliot, what is Dorothea Brooke's main problem?
    She is in love with her first cousin, but he is a foolish young man
    She wants to become a doctor, but can't because she is a woman
    She naively marries a much older man who is wrong for her
    She is snobbish, conceited, and vain, and this catches up with her in the end

8. In "Mansfield Park" by Jane Austen, what is Fanny Price's main problem?
    She is in love with her cousin, but he seems to love another
    Her father and mother have died, leaving her an orphan
    Her younger sisters keep running around with officers and shaming the family
    She is in love with her cousin Maria's fiance, Mr. Rushworth

9. In "Saint Maybe" by Anne Tyler, what is Ian Bedloe's main problem?
    He can't get his high school sweetheart to marry him
    He accidentally causes his brother's and sister-in-law's deaths
    He hates his boss, a deaf cabinetmaker
    He doesn't like children, but his wife wants them very much

10. What is funny about Mr. Woodhouse, a character in Jane Austen's "Emma"?
    He's extremely greedy, and he keeps making excuses for cheating his half-sisters out of their inheritance
    He's extremely vain, and he's always criticizing other people's looks
    He's a nervous, picky old invalid (though he's also very kind)
    He's a pompous young clergyman who is always talking about his noble patroness

11. In which Laura Ingalls Wilder book does Laura's wedding take place?
    Little Town on the Prairie
    By the Shores of Silver Lake
    These Happy Golden Years
    The Long Winter

12. Which novel did Edith Wharton NOT write?
    The Portrait of a Lady
    The Age of Innocence
    The House of Mirth
    The Custom of the Country

13. Which novel did Thomas Hardy NOT write?
    The Mayor of Casterbridge
    Tess of the d'Urbervilles
    Adam Bede
    Far from the Madding Crowd

14. Which novel is by Samuel Richardson?
    Jane Eyre
    Tom Jones

15. Which work of literature is by Geoffrey Chaucer?
    Romeo and Juliet
    Troilus and Cressida
    Antony and Cleopatra
    Troilus and Criseyde

16. Which woman is NOT a Jane Austen heroine?
    Tess Durbeyfield
    Anne Elliot
    Catherine Morland
    Marianne Dashwood

17. Under what other name does Ruth Rendell write?
    Patricia Cornwell
    Agatha Christie
    Barbara Vine
    Sue Grafton

18. Which is true of Dick Francis?
    He writes mysteries about lawyers in the American Midwest
    He writes mysteries that feature an English Chief Inspector named Wexford
    He writes mysteries that feature a private investigator living in a town that resembles Santa Barbara, California
    He writes mysteries about the British horseracing world

19. Which is NOT by Scott Turow?
    Presumed Innocent
    Double Indemnity
    The Burden of Proof
    The Laws of Our Fathers

20. Who are the main characters in "Watership Down" by Richard Adams?
    Mr. Toad, Badger, Mole, and Water Rat
    Hazel, Fiver, and Bigwig
    Freddy, Mrs. Wiggins, Jinx, and Charles
    Charlotte, Wilbur, and Templeton

21. Who wrote the Harry Potter books?
    E.B. White
    P.L. Travers
    C.S. Lewis
    J.K. Rowling

22. What was George Eliot's real name?
    Mary Ann Evans
    Charlotte Bronte
    Jane Austen
    Edith Wharton

23. Who wrote "The Warden"?
    William Makepeace Thackeray
    Charles Dickens
    Anthony Trollope
    Thomas Hardy

24. Which Jane Austen novel was never finished?
    Northanger Abbey
    Sense and Sensibility

25. When was Jane Austen born?

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