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A Giant of a Quiz!

Created by Nightmare

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : San Francisco Giants
A Giant of a Quiz game quiz
"How much of a Giant fan are you? Try this 25 question quiz about the San Francisco/New York Giants."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. How many All-Star appearances did the great Willie Mays make?

2. Who was the first Giant to win two MVP Awards?
    Barry Bonds
    Carl Hubbell
    Willie Mays
    Walter Johnson

3. Not even 20 years old, this Giant hit .322 with 18 home runs along with a slugging percentage of .524. Who was this little Giant?
    Mel Ott
    Johnny Mize
    Willie Mays
    Ernie Lombardi

4. In what year did Steve Carlton throw his 4000th strikeout while pitching for the Giants?
    Carlton never pitched for the Giants

5. The New York Giants set a National League record for stealing 347 bases in a season. Which of the following Giants led the team in stolen bases that season?
    Willie Mays
    Whitey Lockman
    Alvin Dark
    Josh Devore

6. The Giant franchise started in which year?

7. Who was the famous Giants groundskeeper who the Dodgers accused of tampering with the field and filed suit with Major League baseball in their 1962 playoff game?
    Josh Greenberg
    Marty Schwab
    Al Benzing
    Hiro Nakasumi

8. In what year did the Giants win its first league championship?

9. In what year did the Giants suffer their worst season in the 20th Century?

10. Which of the following handicapped pitchers played for the Giants?
    Dummy Hoy
    Luther Taylor
    Three Fingers Brown
    Jim Abbott

11. Who was the first Giant in the 20th Century to win the Triple Crown?
    No Giant won it
    Barry Bonds
    Frank Robinson
    Willie Mays

12. Which Giant once set a record by striking out 189 times in a season?
    Bobby Bonds
    Jim Ray Hart
    Jeff Leonard
    Jim Davenport

13. What Giant set a record for throwing 5 shutouts in his last season of baseball?
    Juan Marichal
    Joe McGinnity
    Sal Maglie
    Sheldon Jones

14. Who beat the Giants in their last 20th Century World Series appearance?
    New York Yankees
    Detroit Tigers
    Minnesota Twins
    Oakland Athletics

15. Who was the first Giant pitcher to strike out more than 250 batters in a season?
    Walter Johnson
    Johnny Antonelli
    Juan Marichal
    Christy Mathewson

16. Who was the San Francisco Giants first manager?
    Leo Durocher
    Bill Rigney
    Alvin Dark
    Herman Franks

17. What 20th Century Eagle-eye Giant led the league with most walks in a season 6 times?
    Mel Ott
    Bobby Bonds
    Barry Bonds
    Willie Mays

18. Which of the following players played for the Giants at some time in their career?
    Dizzy Dean
    Tom Sunkel
    Mickey Owen
    Howie Krist

19. What number did the great Willie McCovey wear as a Giant?

20. How many times did pitching great Juan Marichal win more than 20 games in a season throughout his entire 16 year career?

21. What Giant tied for the league lead with doubles in a season and only hit 32?
    Jim Davenport
    Sam Mertes
    Jim Ray Hart
    Orlando Cepeda

22. How many home runs did Giant slugger Jim Ray Hart hit in his rookie season?

23. What San Francisco Giant player also played in the National Basketball Association?
    Tom Haller
    Dick Groat
    Ken Henderson
    Ray Sadecki

24. Which of the following Giant managers carried the team the most seasons?
    Herman Franks
    Leo Durocher
    John McGraw
    Dusty Baker

25. The Giants were the first team to win a National League crown without having a 20-game winner. What pitcher led them with wins that year?
    Art Nehf
    Jack McBride
    Maury Weston
    Greg Pinchbeck

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