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1 Celebrity Car Accidents
Many celebrities have been in car accidents. In this quiz, you will learn about a few of them. Some of these accidents were fatal, and some were not.
10 Q
Aug 02 02
15276 plays
2 Celebrities, Celebrities, Celebrities
The task is to work out the celebrities from the visual clues. Each photo points to a film title. Click on the photo for a larger version to get more detail.
10 Q
Dec 29 13
3372 plays
3 Celebrity US Patents
Some of the patents issued to celebrities are for pretty clever ideas!
10 Q
Mar 08 15
315 plays
4 Sharing Names With Places
Whether they were actually named after them or not, the following celebrities, or children of celebrities, share a first name with a location (city, state, borough or country).
10 Q
Mar 14 11
10056 plays
5 How Far Would You Go? - Part 1
Many stars have gone to great lengths to immerse themselves in their roles, some even altering their appearances. I'll tell you the role and the change that the star made to play that role, and you tell me who the star in question is.
15 Q
Jan 19 04
16362 plays
6 Celebrities in Historic Disasters
Natural and man-made disasters are not just confined to the average joe...many famous people have had their brushes...before, during or after the height of their fame.
10 Q
Feb 21 07
3873 plays
7 ...And Which One Are You?
Throughout world history (and BILLIONS of people, living and dead), it may not sound strange that sometimes two or more of the famous carried the same name. See if you can match this small batch.
10 Q
Feb 12 09
4248 plays
8 Answering Machine Messages of the Stars
See if you can answer these questions based on the information contained in the answering machine message.
10 Q
Jan 12 14
1965 plays
9 A Cat's Eye View of Celebrities
Can you work out who the celebrities are from the information provided by their cats?
10 Q
Jan 14 10
8613 plays
10 How Far Would You Go? - Part 2
Many stars have gone to great lengths to immerse themselves in their roles, even altering their appearances. I'll tell you the role and the change that the star made to play that role, or the pain they endured, and you tell me who the star is.
10 Q
Feb 23 04
8118 plays
11 Celebrity Doggelgangers
A doppelganger is someone almost identical to someone else. It is said that each person has a doppelganger somewhere in the world. But these celebrities resemble dogs; so they have doggelgangers. Do you know these celebs? Watch out for hidden clues!
10 Q
Feb 10 11
2334 plays
12 On the Face of It...
People from show business may appear to be vain and self centered. Here are ten celebrities, however, who have contributed time and money to promote various causes close to their hearts.
10 Q
Mar 30 14
738 plays
13 Two Left Feet And A Toupee
Before the advent of hair transplants, medications, and other medical interventions, hair loss meant wearing a wig or toupee. Here are 10 celebrities who openly, or not so openly wore a hairpiece.
10 Q
Aug 16 12
687 plays
14 Pieman Harry and the Stars
Harry's Cafe de Wheels is a famous Australian institution, serving "Pie and Peas" to all comers. Harry has fed many stars and celebrities. See if you can recognise some of his world famous clientele.
10 Q
Dec 14 04
897 plays
15 How Far Would You Go? - Part 3
Many stars have gone to great lengths to immerse themselves in their roles, even altering their appearances. I'll tell you the role and the change that the star made to play that role, or the pain they endured, and you tell me who the star is.
10 Q
Mar 22 04
4422 plays
16 Universities To The Stars
Sometimes it seems that our entertainment and sporting heroes are shallow, and some may be, but other are actually quite well educated. Let's look at some of them, and some of the universities to the stars.
10 Q
May 07 12
558 plays
17 The Best of Times
This quiz is about the 'Best of Times' for various celebrities. Good luck with it.
10 Q
Mar 20 10
987 plays
18 Your Worst Nightmare
Celebrities suffer the same sorts of fears that ordinary folk do, however you may be surprised by who has what phobia. Can you work out who they are from the clues given?
10 Q
May 12 13
1845 plays
19 Multi-tasking Celebs!
Some people are so talented that they excel in more than one area. This quiz looks at some incredibly multi-talented celebrities who have managed to shine in multiple fields of endeavour.
10 Q
Sep 03 12
621 plays
20 Oh My Dark Haired Beauty
Blondes don't always have most fun. All of the following are celebrated brunettes.
10 Q
Nov 08 12
822 plays
21 Buried in the Ben & Jerry's Graveyard
Ben & Jerry's often names its ice cream flavors after pop culture figures. For some the honor is short lived as their signature ice cream is sent to the "Flavor Graveyard". From the clues and pictures, let's figure out who has fallen out of flavor.
10 Q
May 11 14
924 plays
22 Were They Right, or Just Dumb?
Celebrities try all sorts of publicity stunts to further their images. But are some of their tricks the right thing to do or are they just plain dumb? I'll let you decide.
10 Q
Nov 28 12
573 plays
23 Celebrity Real Estate
These celebs have put out ads looking for a house that would suit them and their needs, see if you can guess who's who.
20 Q
Aug 24 00
9306 plays
24 Bulletproof
We often hear of assassination attempts of famous world leaders who were shot but lived. Sometimes, celebrities are also shot, and sometimes they live. These people are truly "bulletproof".
10 Q
Jan 17 12
627 plays
25 More Money than Sense
Once you've made it as a celebrity you are granted greater freedom to explore your creative talents. However, sometimes these projects are more to do with vanity than commercial sense, as these ten examples demonstrate.
10 Q
Aug 25 12
1482 plays
26 Brains AND Beauty - These Women Have Both
If you're intimidated by beautiful women or by intelligent women, this quiz will be doubly frightening. These ten ladies are in the top ranks of both looks and intelligence!
10 Q
Sep 25 14
474 plays
27 Celebrities Can Write - Who Knew?
Television stars and movie idols are known, of course, for their on-screen performances and off-screen antics, but some of them have also written books! Let's take a look at some of these unexpected authors.
10 Q
May 18 14
498 plays
28 'Who' Had These Famous Faces?
Take this quiz to discover what connects the celebrities featured in the following ten questions.
10 Q
Nov 26 13
615 plays
29 Mixed Celebrities Number Two
Here are ten more interesting facts on ten stars in either movies, stage or television, or all three categories. Have fun!
10 Q
Nov 10 13
675 plays
30 Keeping Up With The Joneses
This quiz is all about famous people with the surname Jones. I'll give you a brief description and you guess the first name. Good luck.
10 Q
Mar 23 11
1251 plays
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* Which 'E.R.' actor's father wrote the popular 'Plop-Plop,Fizz-Fizz' Alka Seltzer commercial?
* Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were married by whom?
* This heartthrob was booted off 'Romper Room' at age five for being uncontrollable. What is his name?
* 'Gladiator' star Russell Crowe, began smoking at what age?
* Who was the first female host of 'Saturday Night Live'?

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