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Take Mixed 10 Q. Easy - The Mixed Quiz ( Scores )
What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
5 Items or More, You Might Not Know

This is a quiz about some objects which are still used today, while others are hardly ever seen anymore. How many of these things will you recognize?
Easy (10 qns)
Jul 27 14
4662 plays
World's Easiest Quiz

I've noticed that players tend to rate most highly quizzes they do well in. So, in a shameless grab at ratings, I present the World's Easiest Quiz.
Easy (10 qns)
Oct 21 02
139800 plays
Wikipedia Says So; It Must Be True

Browsing through some of Wikipedia's endless pages, I noticed a few glaring mistakes. Let's see if we can edit out some of the problems which may be in the articles themselves or which may be in the pictures. Good luck!
Easy (10 qns)
Mar 04 11
4518 plays
Bit of This and That 5

Some more bits and pieces I've come across from time to time. Have fun.
Easy (10 qns)
Aug 25 15
1011 plays
Watchamacallits and Thingamyjigs!

Here is a mixed quiz about a variety of objects whose names you may or may not know. Just look at the photo and choose the correct name among the four options offered.
Easy (10 qns)
Oct 31 13
3318 plays
A Picture Quiz on a Bunch of Things

When I first set up this quiz I used the title as a placeholder, but the more I looked at it the more I liked it and it really does summarize what's inside. Want to have a look?
Easy (10 qns)
Aug 24 15
795 plays
What Would I Do With THAT?!

Simply put, tell me the function of the items in the quiz. I shouldn't need to tell you what to do with that Play button. Good luck!
Easy (10 qns)
Nov 22 12
8154 plays
Diamonds Are a Squirrel's Best Friend

I'm Cece SoSquirrely, and a little bit girly - I like things that are shiny, and often quite tiny. Diamonds are my favorites - with or without carats, but let's go see, if you agree with me!
Easy (10 qns)
Apr 26 12
2046 plays
I've lost a quarter! Can you find it?

I've lost one of the objects in each of the following groups of four. Using the other three as a guide, can you find the missing object?
Easy (10 qns)
Jan 30 12
993 plays
Mr. Wrong

I went on a date with a guy who turned out to be Mr. Wrong, in more ways than one! He tried to impress me with his knowledge of trivia, but couldn't seem to get anything right. Join me on my nightmar-ish fictional date!
Easy (10 qns)
Jun 17 12
1992 plays
It's Not Fanny Brice

Awake at 2 A.M. Can't sleep. The phrase "It's not Fanny Brice" keeps running through the brain. Have fun.
Easy (10 qns)
Dec 20 13
837 plays
I Learned That From "The Simpsons"

I often say that half of what I know can be put down entirely (or at least primarily) to watching "The Simpsons". Whilst this is a little tongue-in-cheek, it's not too far from the truth.
Easy (10 qns)
Aug 16 13
843 plays
Info Triplets

Each of these three items have a name or word in common - three clues give three times the hints as to which choice is the right one!
Easy (10 qns)
Jan 12 13
1416 plays
Level 150 and Beyond

Now at Level 149, I know all the ways to try and aim for Level 150 and Beyond - and nothing beats general knowledge and using it to answer questions. Answer these three-parters and prove you're on your way in triple time!
Easy (10 qns)
Jun 14 13
1293 plays
Out to C

I am Carma the Cognizant, here to see if I can entice you to help me find a few answers! And, perhaps with some help from our champion Crystal Ball Seer, TabbyTom, we will not feel truly Out to C!
Easy (10 qns)
Sep 01 11
2013 plays
"Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart"

Ten things about zings for you. Enjoy the quiz.
Easy (10 qns)
Aug 09 14
1047 plays
Going to the Movies and the Mall

Like, OMG! I totally know what you're thinking. We should go out to catch a double feature, then hang out at the mall for some SHOPPING! This is totes a good idea. So fetch.
Easy (10 qns)
Sep 15 14
768 plays
Simply Simple

Some things can be utterly difficult. I mean back-breakingly, mind-alteringly, esteem-crushingly hard. And then there are things like this quiz which, at their essence, are 'simple'. Simple enough, anyways. Good luck!
Easy (10 qns)
Jun 14 13
1731 plays
A Very Hard Quiz

Many people have told me that the quizzes I write are too hard, so I've decided to write a "hard quiz" that is actually quite easy. All of the questions have something to do with the word "hard."
Easy (10 qns)
Apr 17 14
1854 plays
Ten Easy Questions (Or Are They?)

Just for a bit of fun I ask you how good is your general knowledge?
Easy (10 qns)
Nov 26 12
3153 plays
The Seven Cs

10 random questions. Your only hint? Seven of the answers start with the letter "C".
Easy (10 qns)
Mar 21 16
567 plays
Krazy Kwestions #2

The underwhelming response to Krazy Kwestions #1 has stimulated me to further offend you with this random group of stupid questions.
Easy (10 qns)
Aug 25 04
9492 plays
Easiest Quiz Ever

These questions are easy and a little stupid. The main purpose of this quiz is for me to have a quiz played 10,000 times. Enjoy.
Easy (10 qns)
May 23 06
13227 plays
Good, Great, Grand. Gee, what's the answer?

Each question has a missing word, and only a one word clue to help with the answer. To give you a bit of help, every question has the same choice of answers.
Easy (10 qns)
Apr 11 10
3924 plays
The Humpty Dumpty Quiz

Here are a few bits odds and ends you may want to relax with. Have fun.
Easy (10 qns)
Dec 04 15
429 plays

My Easier-Peasier Quiz got Average. I am DETERMINED this time to get EASY! Please don't let me down! Hint: read the questions carefully.
Easy (10 qns)
Mar 03 05
9705 plays

Hey there! I'm an Alien from Mintor Mountain. Don't get alarmed though because I'm really friendly. 'QWERTYUIOP' is a word in my mother tongue (SuziPozi). Want to know what its all about? Take my quiz and see.
Easy (10 qns)
Jun 18 04
9333 plays
Pictorial Mixture

Ten mixed questions with help provided by photographs.
Easy (10 qns)
Sep 08 15
846 plays
10 Easy Questions

These questions can be anywhere from music to television and anything in between. Good luck and have fun!
Easy (10 qns)
Jun 18 04
9015 plays
Odd One Out 2

In all of the following questions there is one answer that does not belong. Have fun and good luck.
Easy (10 qns)
May 01 01
7041 plays
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