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Take Humor, Puns and Word Play - The Mixed Quiz ( Scores )
What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
Aspects of Humor: What's So Funny?

Humor is an elusive topic due to its elastic nature. What I find funny, you may not. Try to discover what it is that makes us laugh.
Average (10 qns)
May 14 07
10878 plays
What the Spell Check Mist: Typo Transfusion

Sacred Heart Hospital: Medical Care second to nun, paperwork last to all. Scared Heart Hospital, where the typos are rarely fatal, but nearly always fanny!
Easy (10 qns)
Jun 07 09
5556 plays
Let's Get Down To Bismuth - Elementary Puns

I know I shouldn't, but here are more cringeworthy puns for you, this time with a science theme.
Easy (10 qns)
May 11 11
3492 plays
One Way or an Udder - Farmyard Puns

Thought my awful puns were over, did you? Well, think again. This time we're punning our way through the farmyard with a variety of farm-related puns.
Very Easy (10 qns)
Dec 06 11
1803 plays
Pick-a-Pun: The Musicals!

Yes, it's Pick-a-Pun, the game show where all the answers MIGHT be funny, but only one registers "Ouch" on the Groan-Ometer. Today's theme is Musicals, so get singing, and let the Pun begin!
Easy (10 qns)
Oct 12 05
6522 plays
By Order of the Pun-Master General

The Pun-Master General wants you to take a journey throughout each twenty categories on Pun Trivia, answering the puniest pun questions he could find. How much will you score on the groan-o-meter by the end of this quiz?
Easy (20 qns)
Apr 03 13
1323 plays
I Always Wanted To...

...make a quiz where you complete my puns. Wait a second...
Very Easy (10 qns)
Dec 13 10
3147 plays
Fruit Flies Like a Banana

These are draft notes for an unstarted thriller based upon the vagaries of the English language and containing plenty of old chestnuts. I plan to call it, "Unnatural Conclusions". Resemblance to the work of any existing author is entirely intentional.
Easy (10 qns)
Feb 21 10
1179 plays
The Cheesiest Quiz Ever!

These cheesy puns and word play are full of holes but they are interesting in their own whey!
Easy (10 qns)
May 09 15
921 plays
This Sums It Up - Math Puns

See if you can differentiate between the right and wrong answers to these somewhat cringeworthy math puns. I've also tried to integrate some more punny stuff in the interesting information.
Average (10 qns)
Feb 25 10
2142 plays
Lady Mondegreen Ate Nine Eggcorns

Mondegreens and eggcorns are unintentional puns resulting from mishearing words. If you don't know what mondegreens and eggcorns are, don't let it phase (oops! faze) you! You can still ace this quiz.
Very Easy (10 qns)
Nov 23 12
645 plays

It was pandamonium at the zoo as animals had started to run riot and it was otter chaos! You have the necessary koalafications to help me find the animal puns so gopher it!
Easy (10 qns)
Jan 18 16
402 plays
Puns Intended

Puns in ten did what? Hopefully, not frightened you away! Each of the ten questions revolves around a pun of some sort.
Average (10 qns)
Jul 24 14
558 plays
In Your Absinthe

In your absinthe, a set of wild puns appeared. Can you catch them all?
Very Easy (10 qns)
May 21 16
549 plays
Another Punny Quiz

Ready for some more? See if you can work out the likely answers for the following questions. Have a pun time!
Easy (10 qns)
Dec 18 13
957 plays
Floral Word Play

Can you weed out the correct answer for each of the following word play questions involving ten lovely plants?
Easy (10 qns)
Feb 06 16
558 plays
A Lovely Punny Day For a Family Quiz

Ready for some pun? See if you can select the right word for the relevant occupations of my family. Have pun!
Very Easy (10 qns)
Feb 22 12
4449 plays
Don't Worry, It's Treatable!

The patient said "Doctor, doctor, I feel as sick as a dog." The doctor replied "You look very ruff!" Do you know the punch line to these other illness related jokes?
Very Easy (10 qns)
Jan 06 14
1356 plays
How Punny

Ten more puns for you, just for a bit of fun.
Very Easy (10 qns)
Mar 27 16
657 plays
More Pun Fun

Ten more puns for you, with a word play thrown in for the final question. Have fun.
Easy (10 qns)
May 18 16
828 plays
Going Back Four Seconds - Math Puns 2

They're baaaaaack. Just complete each pun. Brace yourself. And I apologise in advance.
Easy (10 qns)
Jan 24 11
846 plays
More Pun Fun

A few more puns for you, just for a bit of fun. One of the answers is very well known in Australia, so think about it a little. Have fun!
Easy (10 qns)
Oct 16 15
711 plays
That's So Punny!

I'll bet you thought this would be a funny punny quiz. Well, you thought wrong. Do you have any idea how many different kinds of puns there are? Come on in and find out. If you have enough time, you might even come back four seconds.
Average (10 qns)
Nov 01 10
960 plays
A Punny Quiz

Ready for some pun? See if you can work out the likely answers for the following questions. Have a pun time!
Average (10 qns)
Nov 17 13
924 plays
Apun My Soul!

Want to have some fun with a few puns? If so, you may enjoy this quiz. Once apun a time...
Easy (10 qns)
May 23 14
621 plays
Word for Word

A cryptic-style quiz based on heteronyms. The clues will (or at least should!) lead you to a one word answer that is spelt the same, but will have a different meaning and may sound different.
Average (15 qns)
Aug 27 11
501 plays
Was That Some Kind of Joke?

I'll give you a joke, and you tell me what kind of joke it is. (I'm not asking for opinions on the quality of the jokes, mind you). ;)
Average (10 qns)
Dec 12 13
630 plays
The Art Of Punning

Punning is the humorous use of a word in such a way as to suggest two or more of its meanings or the meaning of another word similar in sound. In this quiz you either have to complete a pun, or to find out which headline, ad or slogan uses punning.
Easy (10 qns)
Oct 05 02
4923 plays
Tom Swifty And The Heartbreakers

Hi, I've played and enjoyed some Tom Swifty quizzes and thought I'd write one myself. For those who haven't come across them before, a Tom Swifty is a pun such as, "This must be a gym", Tom worked out. Here are a few for you to try.
Easy (10 qns)
Mar 29 15
510 plays
Pussy Puns

Here are ten puns for you, all with a feline theme. I bet you can't say Feline Theme six times very quickly. Have fun!
Average (10 qns)
Dec 25 13
1017 plays
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