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1 Name The Movie - Synonym Wise That Is
I'll give you a title, sort of, and you name the movie. Good luck and have some fun with this.
15 Q
Dec 22 02
28755 plays
2 Films from the Ealing Studios - Cryptic Style
The Ealing film studios in London started producing movies in 1931 and for almost thirty years produced a string of largely low budget but well-loved British movies. Here are some of the best known, presented in a cryptic style. Have fun.
10 Q
Jun 21 08
393 plays
3 Oldies But Goodies - Synonym Wise That Is
All these are older movies. Most of them date from earlier than 1970. See if you can figure them out. They are all fill in the blank. Good luck and have some fun!
10 Q
Apr 02 04
4518 plays
4 Movie Titles - In Other Words
What would happen if the people in charge of naming movies were allowed a vast amount of creative license (and were, perhaps, slightly mad)? I would suggest that they might come up with the following titles...good luck!
10 Q
Jun 11 04
6405 plays
5 Shaken, Not Stirred: "James Bond", In Other Words
Can you name the 'James Bond' movie from the descriptions of the titles I give you? For example, 'Cease to Exist On a Different Twenty Four Hour Period' would be 'Die Another Day'.
10 Q
Oct 14 09
768 plays
6 In Other Words
I have changed some movie titles into pretentious synonyms. Can you decipher them into their more familiar titles? (For fill-in answers, don't forget to spell out any possible numbers.)
10 Q
Aug 19 13
699 plays
7 Tom Hanks...In Other Words
See if you can decipher these synonym clues to the many movies of Tom Hanks.
10 Q
Jul 01 09
1233 plays
8 Movies In Other Words
I will give you the name of a movie in different words. Example: The Small Seagirl = The Little Mermaid.
25 Q
Oct 19 01
14700 plays
9 Animated Disney Movies in Other Words
I'll give you the title of an animated Disney movie in other words and you give me the original title. Ex. The Important Rodent Investigator = "The Great Mouse Detective". Enjoy!
10 Q
Sep 16 13
441 plays
10 Name the Paul Newman Movie, Synonym Wise That Is
Try to figure out which Paul Newman movie I'm talking about. Have fun and good luck. Let me know if you enjoy this type of wordwise quiz. I love making these!
10 Q
Jan 25 03
3144 plays
11 What Movie , Animal Synonym Wise That Is?
Name the movie, Synonym Wise That Is. Each of these answers include an animal this time. Enjoy and have fun.
10 Q
Jan 10 03
3981 plays
12 80's Movies In Other Words
Movie titles in other more complicated terms.
20 Q
Jan 11 03
6288 plays
13 Projected Pictures with Designated Names
I will change the name of a movie to what you might find in a dictionary. I will also give you the year and an actor, but not necessarily the main actor.
10 Q
Jun 22 11
387 plays
14 Sets of Moving Pictures with Descriptive Headings
I will change the name of a movie to what you might find in a dictionary. I will also give you the year of the movie and one of the actors, but not necessarily the lead actor. All questions are fill in the blank.
10 Q
Jul 10 11
372 plays
15 What Was that Movie?
I'll give you the name of 10 movies in other words. You tell me what the title of the movie is. Interesting info may contain movie spoilers.
10 Q
Aug 30 13
594 plays
16 What Movie Am I, # Synonym Wise That Is?
Name the movie, synonym wise that is. Each of these answers include a number this time. Enjoy and have fun.
10 Q
Jan 17 03
3687 plays
17 Movie Synonyms
I think these types of quizzes are really fun. I hope this addition to the category is challenging, but not too impossible. Enjoy!
20 Q
Sep 09 02
3471 plays
18 What Day of the Week, Movie Synonym Wise That Is?
All of the answers have something to do with the days of the week. Hopefully you enjoy this one also. Good luck and have fun!
10 Q
Jan 05 03
3654 plays
19 Movies in Other Words
Here are ten familiar movie title where the name has been changed to similar meaning words.
10 Q
Nov 05 08
1719 plays
20 Wordplay with Marilyn
I'll give you the title to one of Marilyn Monroe's movies, in synonym form, and you provide the actual title.
10 Q
Jun 24 03
1623 plays
21 Movie Synonyms Chain
Movie synonyms that have actors in common.
20 Q
Oct 22 01
5310 plays
22 Movie Synonyms 2
This is my second quiz in Movie Synonyms. I give you the title of a movie with synonyms in place of the words in the title. Just tell me the name of the movie. eg. young men don't whimper= boys don't cry!
10 Q
Mar 28 01
5418 plays
23 Figure The Flick; Take 2
It's Call Back Time! I'll give you clues; guess the movie title. (ex: cute lady = "Pretty Woman")
15 Q
Jun 07 03
3792 plays
24 Movies in Other Words 2
Here is my second attempt at Movies in Other Words. I have given you the alternate title name. You must find the true title of the movie. I hope you enjoy this quiz.
10 Q
Dec 06 08
1626 plays
25 Movies in Other Words--Another Aussie Version!
I had a blast creating the first Aussie movies quiz, so I'm at it again. Watch out, Yanks--I show no mercy!
10 Q
Feb 02 03
732 plays
26 Movies in Other Words--an Aussie Version!
This is the same old movie titles in disguise quiz, with a twist...the movies are all Australian! Do you dare...?
10 Q
Jan 30 03
744 plays
27 The Films of Michael Douglas
These are synonyms of the titles of some of Michael Douglas' films.
10 Q
May 02 06
774 plays
28 More Mangled Movie Monicker Mayhem
In other words..."In Other Words: Part Deux"! 10 more film titles from my 'Movie Guide Of Unnecessary Wordiness'... you must simplify to identify...Enjoy! :0)
10 Q
Dec 15 02
1788 plays
29 Diva's Movies In Other Words 2
Well I am at it again. I took some more of my favorite movies and put them in other words. Can you figure them out? Take this quiz and see. Enjoy!
15 Q
Oct 16 03
1701 plays
30 Fun on the Bun Movie Synonyms!
Hiya! I liked doing these quizzes, so I'm gonna make one.
15 Q
May 14 02
2358 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* How many pennies in $1.01? Black and white spotted barking animals. What Walt Disney movie is this?
* Which of these pairs of actors teamed up in the 1994 film that unfortunately wasn't called 'Obtuse, and Yet Even More So' (but tragically could have been, in other words)?
* Which of these eminent Hollywood directors might very well have created the 1976 masterpiece 'Operator of the Fiacre' before settling on the more quotidian title by which the film is actually known, in other words?
* Which 1957 film classic starring Henry Fonda conceivably could have been entitled 'A Duodecad of Highly Irascible Male Personages of the Species Homo Sapiens Sapiens', but foolishly was given a less verbose title (in other words)?
* The Parents of the Bride and Groom

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