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These quizzes cover Bible figures from the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible. Ever wondered who was tempted and who sinned? Who dreamed dreams and who made things happen? Sample these quizzes and wonder no more ...
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1 Jezebel
A quiz all about the story and interpretations of Jezebel, the so-called most wicked woman of the Bible.
10 Q
Feb 03 09
2718 plays
2 Christ's Genealogy
This quiz, by tracing Christ's genealogy, touches upon several famous Biblical characters. Spellings of names are from the KJV.
15 Q
Feb 13 03
6357 plays
3 No Sympathy for the Devil
There is little sympathy for the devil in Christian theology. This quiz looks at how he is portrayed in the Old and New Testaments.
10 Q
Nov 13 09
4101 plays
4 Women in the Bible
How much do you know about women in the Bible? All references are from the New King James Version of the Bible.
10 Q
Oct 25 04
9660 plays
5 Biblical Heroes and Villains
Here are just a few good guys and bad guys, and maybe some that are not so familiar. The New Living Translation was used for reference, unless otherwise noted. Dedicated to delboy22's Author Challenge.
10 Q
Jul 14 09
5751 plays
6 Not Your Average Joes
The Bible is positively teeming with people named Joseph. This quiz focuses on five of the Josephs of the Bible, two questions on each. Good luck! A New International Bible was used.
10 Q
Apr 16 08
1716 plays
7 That's Saul Folks!
There are two Sauls recorded in the Bible and each has a God-given mission. You have to work out whether the information given relates to King Saul of the Old Testament; the apostle Saul of the New Testament; both or neither. It's Saul up to you.
10 Q
Apr 19 12
924 plays
8 Biblical Mothers and Sons
This is my third quiz on Biblical family relationships. Can you identify these mothers and sons? Enjoy and have fun!
10 Q
Jul 23 09
2196 plays
9 Husbands and Wives in the Bible
I will give you information about a couple in the Bible. You tell me which couple I am talking about. All information is from the King James version. Have fun!
10 Q
Mar 26 04
12225 plays
10 Favorite Bible Characters of The BBB
Team quiz by Bible Believers Brigade
Our team would like to invite you to share your knowledge of some of our favorite Bible characters with us while we challenge your mind. Pay careful attention to the version used in each question.
15 Q
Nov 01 10
2010 plays
11 Five-Letter Names in the Bible
After compiling quizzes on two-, three- and four-letter names in the Bible, I suppose it only stands to reason one would be done on names with five letters. Hope you enjoy it. (The NIV and NKJV were used for this quiz.)
10 Q
Jul 19 11
1164 plays
12 Old Testament People in New Testament
This quiz is about Old Testament people who are mentioned in the New Testament. Hope you have as much fun doing this quiz as I had compiling it. Keep smiling, my friend. David in Canada. (The NKJV was used for this quiz.)
10 Q
Jun 06 12
708 plays
13 Children in the Bible
All of the questions in this quiz are related to children in the Bible.
10 Q
Jan 09 09
5250 plays
14 A Biblical Whodunnit!
The first letters of the answers to the first nine questions, when rearranged, will spell out the name of the OT prophet who Christians believe foretold the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.
10 Q
Jan 07 07
5148 plays
15 Bible People's Facebook Status
In this quiz I'm going to write what a person in the Bible might have posted on Facebook during a specific situation and you have to identify the person. All Bible references from the NIV84. Have fun!
10 Q
Aug 24 12
888 plays
16 People Alphabetically in the Bible' M' to 'Z'
Well folks, we continue our wanderings through the pages of the Bible. Who do you know, and whom can I introduce to you?
10 Q
Feb 08 09
1848 plays
17 Follow That Prophet!
Follow the prophets of the Old Testament and learn a little of the ministry each had in proclaiming the word of the Lord. References are NIV, unless otherwise specified.
15 Q
Apr 16 14
330 plays
18 Women of the Bible. (KJV)
The Bible mentions many women - here are a few of them. All spellings and references are from the King James Version.
10 Q
Jan 27 04
3138 plays
19 Who Am I Again?
In 2004, my first "Who Am I?" quiz was submitted. Now in 2007, comes my second "Who Am I?" quiz. All questions are based on the King James Version. Have fun!
10 Q
Nov 27 07
2460 plays
20 Famous Females (in the Bible)
There were many important, well-known women in the Bible. See if you can remember them from the Bible stories that you might have heard before. *Please Rate this Quiz Afterwards!*
15 Q
Aug 14 07
4056 plays
21 Biblical Fathers and Sons
In each question of this quiz I briefly describe to you a father and his son(s). It's your challenge to name either that father or his son(s). Have fun!
10 Q
Mar 08 09
2706 plays
22 Pair Us Up --The Knowns and Unknowns
You may be familiar with major characters of the Bible, but how about the little known ones? Try pairing up the following well-known Bible characters with the little known characters associated with them. KJV was used for this quiz.
15 Q
Mar 29 10
714 plays
23 Famous Bible Characters
In this quiz I will simply describe a particular well-known character from the Bible. Choose which person best fits the description. The version used is NIV. Hope you remember your Sunday School days!
10 Q
Dec 18 04
7887 plays
24 Bible fathers
Fathers play such important roles in the lives of their children, that the Psalmist likened the compassion of God for man, unto the compassion a father has for his children. This quiz is written in honor of Fathers' Day.
10 Q
Jun 16 12
642 plays
25 Guess the Character
The information for this quiz is taken from the KJV. I will describe a person from either the Old or New Testament and you have to decide who it is. Have fun! It should be pretty simple.
10 Q
Jun 05 06
5139 plays
26 Disabled but not Forgotten
We are people who had disabilities but we were remembered in the Bible! Some of us had experiences with kings, prophets, and even Jesus! Can you tell who we are?
10 Q
Feb 02 13
495 plays
27 Kind, clever or corrupt - catching Kings!
Kings (and other rulers) play a variety of roles in the Bible. Some are wise, some are pious and others are cruel. Based on a range of clues, can you identify a selection of these men? Some are relatively easy, some a little more obscure.
10 Q
May 23 12
450 plays
28 Who's Your (Biblical) Daddy?
All you have to do is to correctly identify the father of each of these Bible people.
10 Q
Jul 29 09
1341 plays
29 Biblical Whodunit
This is sort of a Bible mystery quiz. In most cases, you must decide who caused someone's death (or non-death). The question will usually be in the form of a crime scene report. This is not intended to be easy (or bloodless). It's not for young children!
10 Q
Oct 14 02
5388 plays
30 Love Can Be Found Online
Dating sites are commonly used today to find "soulmates". But what if there were dating sites during Bible times? What kind of profiles would you find?
10 Q
May 18 11
1293 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* Who was the first king of Israel?
* Who is reputed to be the author of the book of Acts?
* Who is referred to in the New Testament as 'the disciple Jesus loved'?
* Of which tribe was King Saul?
* Which of the four gospels of the Bible focuses on the deity of Christ?

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