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Home Victories: 1950-1999

Created by spanishliz

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Home Victories 19501999 game quiz
"Winning one's home GP has never been anything other than special to a driver. Here are some questions about home wins in the 'modern era'. Only races known by the country's name are included in calculating home victories."

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1. In which country was the first GP of the 'modern era' to produce a home winner held?

2. How many different British drivers won their home Grand Prix during the latter half of the twentieth century? (Drivers from Northern Ireland have been included for the purposes of this quiz.)

3. No Austrian driver won the Austrian Grand Prix between 1950 and 1999.

4. Which of the following drivers won his home Grand Prix the most times?
    Graham Hill
    Jim Clark
    Juan Manuel Fangio
    Alain Prost

5. Of the following multiple World Champions, which one never had the opportunity of a home victory during at least one of his championship seasons?
    Jack Brabham, Australia
    Alberto Ascari, Italy
    Juan Manuel Fangio, Argentina
    Niki Lauda, Austria

6. Who was the first German driver to win the German Grand Prix in the modern era (starting in 1950)?
    Wolfgang von Trips
    Heinz-Harald Frentzen
    Gerhard Berger
    Michael Schumacher

7. Which of the following drivers gained his only career victory at home?
    Giancarlo Baghetti, Italy
    Jean Alesi, France
    Ludovico Scarfiotti, Italy
    Alessandro Nannini, Italy

8. Jacques Villeneuve won the 1998 Canadian GP.

9. Which of the following circuits hosted the most home victories between 1950 and 1999?
    Silverstone (Britain)
    Paul Ricard (France)
    Monza (Italy)
    Interlagos (Brazil)

10. What was the greatest number of home victories in a Formula One racing season between 1950 and the end of the nineties?

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