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'M*A*S*H' - 'Abyssinia, Henry'

Created by thejazzkickazz

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MASH  Abyssinia Henry game quiz
"One of the most memorable and difficult 'M*A*S*H' episodes to watch is this concluding show of the third season. To the average fan of the series, this episode is bittersweet...and the shocking conclusion continues to leave us breathless. Enjoy!"

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1. Typically, 'Abyssinia, Henry' opens with an operating scene. As usual, Hawkeye and Trapper are mouthing off, Frank is complaining and Henry is ready to boil over. All normalcy flies out the window, however, when Radar notifies Henry that he is going home! What reason does Radar give for Henry's imminent return to the states?
    Henry has received all his 'points' and is being discharged
    Henry's wife is sick and he has received a 'hardship' discharge
    Henry is being transferred to central M*A*S*H headquarters in Washington
    Henry will finish his tour of duty at the University of Illinois training medical personnel

2. The scene shifts to Henry's office where the ecstatic Colonel has a celebratory drink (or two, or three...) Meanwhile, Radar and Henry discuss calling Henry's wife Lorraine to deliver the good news. When Henry finally makes the call, he not only talks with his wife, but with which other person?
    His mother-in-law
    His son Andrew
    His daughter Janie
    His mother

3. Still in the office, Radar and Henry are sorting through the desk and filing cabinet drawers in preparation for Henry's departure. In a sentimental, and hilarious, moment Radar reveals to Henry the ultimate fate of his father. Finish the following Radar O'Reilly quote: 'My father didn't have me 'til he was sixty-three. First time we played _________ he had a stroke.'
    Paddy cake
    Hide and seek

4. During this same office scene, Henry gives Radar a gift...something he got from his father. What item does Radar receive from the Colonel?
    Fish hook
    Coffee mug

5. Next we see the drunken Henry dining with Radar, Trapper and Hawkeye in Rosey's Bar. After indulging in wonderful food, a few drinks and some terrible jokes, Henry adjourns to the restroom. When he returns, Hawkeye and Trapper disrupt Henry of all military rank while three Korean women hum what patriotic tune in the background?
    America the Beautiful
    Star Spangled Banner
    God Bless America
    Yankee Doodle

6. After booting Henry out of the Army, Trapper and Hawkeye offer a gift to their departing commander. What item have the doctors provided for Henry's safe return to the states?
    A pair of wingtips
    A gold-plated bedpan
    A suit and tie
    An engraved fishing reel

7. The next morning, Frank whistles for the entire camp to assemble; it's time to see Henry off. After telling Frank to 'stuff his whistle', Henry reviews his troops for the last time. Who has Klinger chosen to dress up as for the occasion?
    Scarlett O'Hara
    Carmen Miranda
    The Statue of Liberty
    Norma Desmond

8. On the chopper pad, just before takeoff, Henry says goodbye one last time, and particularly addresses Radar. What is the last word we hear Henry say?

9. The final, heart-wrenching scene of the episode sees the crew of the 4077th hard at work in the operating room. Radar, white as a ghost, walks into the operating room and announces Henry Blake's death. Over which body of water was Henry's plane shot down?
    Gulf of Korea
    South China Sea
    Sea of Japan
    Yellow Sea

10. This episode not only marks the final appearance of Henry Blake (McLean Stevenson), but also of Trapper John (Wayne Rogers).

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