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The Armenian Holocaust

Created by bloomsby

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The Armenian Holocaust game quiz
"Using the screen provided by the First World War, the government of the Ottoman Empire embarked on genocide against its Armenian population in 1915. About 1.5 million Armenians were murdered."

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1. Which of these describes the location of the Republic of Armenia most precisely?
    The Balkans
    Eastern Europe
    Southern Caucasus
    South Asia

2. In what part of the Ottoman Empire did the majority of the Armenian population live at the start of WWI?
    Turkey in Europe
    They were spread fairly evenly across the Ottoman Empire
    Eastern Anatolia

3. What, if anything, made the Armenians an identifiable group that could be cast in the role of "outsiders" within the Ottoman Empire?
    A relatively high proportion of Ottoman merchants and entrepreneurs were Armenian
    They were Christians in a Muslim state
    All of these
    Armenians had a high proportion of the jobs requiring literacy and higher education

4. The Armenians in the Ottoman Empire had been subjected to frequent and large-scale pogroms ever since about 1600.

5. In the nineteenth century the Ottoman authorities systematically used massacres to terrorize subject people that rebelled. When did massacres of Armenians first make the headlines in the West?

6. What reason, if any, did the ruling Young Turk junta give in 1915 for its action against the Armenians?
    That some Armenians had gone over to the Russians on the Caucasus Front
    That the Armenians were Christians
    No reason at all
    That the presence of an Armenian minority in the Ottoman Empire was an insult to Turkey

7. The Armenian Holocaust began on 24 April 1915 with the massacre of Armenians in Constantinople and other major cities in the Ottoman Empire. What happened to the majority of the remaining Armenians?
    They were machine-gunned in large numbers by special squads of the Ottoman army
    The were taken to the Black Sea coast and put on old ships that were sunk
    They were forced to march, with inadequate food and water, to camps in Syria
    They were transported by train to extermination camps, where they were gassed

8. Most Turkish historians and politicians accept the Armenian Holocaust as a shameful part of their history.

9. What kinds of independent evidence of the Armenian Holocaust is available (in the sense of evidence from non-Armenian sources)?
    All of these
    Testimony from German sources
    Testimony from American sources
    Internal Turkish evidence

10. When did the Armenian Holocaust end?

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