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Hexadecimal Words

Created by gentlegiant17

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Hexadecimal Words game quiz
"Let's define a "hexadecimal word" as a word consisting ONLY of the letters ABCDEF. Consequently, it is also a valid hexadecimal number. The question body is a linguistic lead to the word and the hint is a mathematical lead to its decimal value. Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Here's an example:

For those of you who aren't familiar with hexadecimal base (aka base 16) - instead of the 10 digits of the decimal base there are 16 digits: 0-9 and A-F. A hexadecimal number is prefixed by "0x". 0xA represents 10, 0xB=11, 0xC=12, 0xD=13, 0xE=14 and 0xF=15.

The equivalent of the decimal "tens" number is 16, i.e. just like after the highest decimal digit, 9, comes 10, after the highest hexadecimal digit, 0xF, comes 0x10 (which in decimal is 16*1+1*0=16). In a similar manner, the "hundreds" number is 16*16=256=0x100, and so on.

Question body: a verb which appears twice in Shakespeare's most famous monologue.

Hint: 190

Correct answer: be


The Shakespeare quote is "to be or not to be...".

190 is the decimal value of the hexadecimal number BE (noted 0xBE).

0xBE = 0x10*0xB + 0x1*0xE = 16*11 + 14 = 190 (just like we do on the familiar decimal base, keeping in mind that 0x10=16, 0x100=16*16=256 and so on).

Let's try a simple one for starts.

The name of the fourth note of the Do major solfege.
    Answer: (250)

2. The chemical symbol of iron.
    Answer: (254)

3. Which is the hexadecimal word used in an expression for a pleasant situation or a good life? Certain flowers are also involved in this expression.
    Answer: (3053)

4. A busy and useful insect which belongs to the superfamily apoidea.
    Answer: (3054)

5. A charge for a given service.
    Answer: (4078)

6. To relinquish possession, especially by treaty (a verb).
    Answer: (the decimal value is between 43690 and 65535 - calculate the number of letters using this hint)

7. An action. Something that was manifested in reality.
    Answer: (if you spell the correct answer backwards, you'd still get the same number)

8. Here's a question on face value. What is the hexadecimal word whose value is supplied in the hint?
    Answer: (64206)

9. To gradually lose the intensity of the colour, strength or sound (a verb).
    Answer: (64222)

10. A strong fiber obtained from the leafstalk of a Philippine banana plant (Musa textilis aka Manila hemp).
    Answer: (703178)

11. The economic acronym VAT contains a hexadecimal word. Which is this word?
    Answer: (712173)

12. Quite a few concepts stem from the plain fact that humans have ten fingers. This hexadecimal word is a temporal term related to our inherent usage of the decimal base.
    Answer: (14600926)

13. To eliminate or to render indistinct by wearing away a surface (a verb)
    Answer: (15727310 - take good care here, only one option is valid!)

14. Literally: the front of a building. Figuratively: the mere outer appearance of things.
    Answer: (16435934)

15. The botanical name of a very important family of plants. The common names of this family are legumes or pulses. Among the members of the family are beans, peas, peanuts, soybeans and lentils.
    Answer: (4206546606 - bonus points if you don't use a calculator :-))

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Compiled Jun 28 12