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Pigskin Stuffings

Created by Nightmare

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Tough NFL Mixture
Pigskin Stuffings game quiz
"An all multiple choice quiz about the National Football League. I hope that you enjoy it! :-)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who was this former Green Bay Packer offensive tackle, who later took the Bengals as a head coach to a Super Bowl?
    Warren Wells
    Bart Starr
    Forrest Gregg
    Ben Davidson

2. In which year did the NFL first have an official team on the West Coast?

3. 1985 was a strange season for the Cleveland Browns. Unsure of their rookie quarterback by the name of Bernie Kosar, the Browns ran a lot in the season. They already had one 1000-yard running back in that season, then the other squeezed through to pass the 1000-yard mark also on the final play of the season. Who was the team's second 1000-yard rusher in that 1985 season?
    Gary Anderson
    Ernest Byner
    George Rogers
    Rob Carpenter

4. I was a defensive back with the Raiders and Chiefs in the AFL. After football, I starred in movies such as, "Black Caesar", and, "Hell Up in Harlem". I also starred in M*A*S*H. Who am I?
    Alan Alda
    Jim Brown
    Gale Sayers
    Fred Williamson

5. I was the head coach of a NFL team for 18 seasons, but I just couldn't win a Super Bowl. I did retire from sports with a NBA title though as a forward for the Lakers. Who am I?
    Bud Grant
    Rudy LaRusso
    Danny Ainge
    Hank Stram

6. In 1979, the NFL witnessed for the first time, a team have two 1000-yard receivers. Actually, there were three teams in the season who accomplished this also. This was accomplished by the Chargers, Patriots, and which Tony Hill led team?
    Washington Redskins
    Dallas Cowboys
    Buffalo Bills
    Pittsburgh Steelers

7. I was the last of the 'tough' players in football. I was credited with being the last NFL player to not wear a face mask when I played. I played most of my career with the Eagles, and later was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a wide receiver in 1998. Who am I?
    Dick Butkus
    Tommy McDonald
    Alan Page
    L.C. Greenwood

8. This 1981 Chiefs running back was the AFC Rookie of the Year. Unfortunately, he died in 1983 while attempting to save three children from drowning. Who was he?
    Joe Delaney
    Matt Suhey
    James Hadnot
    Jim Delahanty

9. On December 20, 1980, both the Dolphins and Jets closed out their 1980 season in a televised afternoon game. What was strange about this AFC game?
    With three minutes left in the game, NBC began airing the movie, "Heidi"
    It was the first NFL game televised from Montreal, Canada
    There were only two officials for the entire game
    There were no TV announcers

10. In which year did the NFL go to a two-division format, with each division winner playing for the NFL Championship?

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