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"Prison Break" Season 1 Part 2

Created by Matthew_07

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : 'Prison Break'- Season 1
Prison Break Season 1 Part 2 game quiz
"This quiz covers "Prison Break" season one, episode 9 - 15. Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In "Tweener", T-Bag's new cell mate, Seth came asking for help from Michael but Michael ignored him. Seth ended up committed suicide. Michael was terrified by his action and regretted for not helping him. He was approached by Tweener and Michael helped him this time. David Apolskis was called Tweener because he was caught in between which two groups of people?
    The officers and the inmates.
    The white and the black.
    The rich and the poor.
    The new inmates and the old inmates.

2. In "Sleight of Hands", Michael wanted Abruzzi to set up a meeting between him and Falzone. Falzone was delighted upon hearing the news and came to the penitentiary. According to Michael, where was Fibonacci?

3. In "Sleight of Hands", Reynolds brought in Quinn to help Kellerman and Hale with their plan. Quinn came to Veronica's ex-boyfriend's apartment and introduce himself as an insurance agent. He killed Sebastian and contacted Veronica using ___.
    A telephone
    An online chatting program
    A fax
    A video call

4. In "And Then There Were Seven", Michael's wife, Nika came to visit him in the conjugal room. She handed him a credit card. In the cell, Michael stripped off the label to reveal it was not a credit card. What was it?
    A driving license
    A key card
    A library card
    A name card

5. In "And Then There Were Seven", initially there were only six people in Michael's plan. However, one person joined in last minute because he needed to go out to visit his dying daughter. Who was he?

6. In "Odd Man Out", Michael knew that they had too many people and they did not have enough time to break out. He was telling Lincoln this when their conversation was overheard by C-Note. C-Note told Sucre that Michael still want Abruzzi and Westmoreland in the escape because they had the things that Michael wanted. What were those things?
    Abruzzi's money and Westmoreland's plane
    Abruzzi's house and Westmoreland's car
    Abruzzi's car and Westmoreland's house
    Abruzzi's plane and Westmoreland's money

7. In "End of the Tunnel", Michael asked the priest to give a necklace to Lincoln. Lincoln noticed carefully the necklace and found a small black pill and a piece of small paper that indicated the time Lincoln needed to eat it. Michael was determined to break out that night. However, his plan failed. Why?
    The pipe at the infirmary had been replaced with a new one.
    Bellick knew their plan and followed them.
    Lincoln was sent back to the SHU (Solitary Housing Unit).
    They had a lock down that night.

8. In "The Rat", the title of the episode had multiple meanings. One of them referred to the rat that was used by Michael to cut off the electricity in the electrical box that was connected to the electric chair. The second meaning referred to the betrayal of which inmate who told Bellick about Michael's plan?

9. In "By the Skin and the Teeth", Lincoln dreamed about his father taking him to watch a baseball game. His father wanted him to notice a player. Lincoln woke up and found that the player's surname was the same as the name that Warden pope told him earlier on, which was one of the names of the people in the viewing chamber. What was the surname?

10. In "By the Skin and the Teeth", Michael went behind the walls again to continue with his plan. On his way back, he saw an officer passed by. He was burnt by a hot water pipe when he tried to hide from officer. As the title of this episode suggested, which part of the skin did Michael had the burn?
    Mid back
    Upper arm

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