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NFL Coaches: 150-Victory Club

Created by mrgrouchy

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NFL Coaches 150Victory Club game quiz
"Reaching the 150-victory plateau is an impressive milestone for any NFL coach. Please take this fun quiz about some of the best coaches in football history."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. I was known as "Papa Bear", and I won 318 regular season games during my legendary career. Can you identify me?
    Weeb Ewbank
    Curly Lambeau
    George Halas
    Greasy Neale

2. Hello, my name is Chuck Noll. I coached the Pittsburgh Steelers to four Super Bowl titles. However, for which NFL team did I play during the 1950s?
    Cleveland Browns
    Philadelphia Eagles
    Detroit Lions
    St. Louis Cardinals

3. Which one of these legendary NFL coaches graduated from John Carroll University in Ohio?
    Bill Parcells
    Paul Brown
    Don Shula
    Vince Lombardi

4. In 2000, which one of these members of the NFL 150-victory club won a NASCAR Cup championship with Bobby Labonte as the driver?
    Mike Holmgren
    Marty Schottenheimer
    Bill Parcells
    Joe Gibbs

5. Bud Grant coached the Minnesota Vikings to 158 victories in the NFL. He also coached in the Canadian Football League for which team?
    Calgary Stampeders
    Winnipeg Blue Bombers
    Montreal Alouettes
    British Columbia Lions

6. Tom Landry was a Hall of Fame coach for the Dallas Cowboys, winning 250 games from 1960 to 1988. With which NFL team did he serve as defensive coordinator prior to coaching Dallas?
    Baltimore Colts
    New York Giants
    Philadelphia Eagles
    Detroit Lions

7. Dan Reeves won 190 games during an NFL coaching career which lasted 23 years. Which of the following teams did he not coach?
    Dallas Cowboys
    Denver Broncos
    New York Giants
    Atlanta Falcons

8. Paul Brown won 213 games in his NFL coaching career, most of them with the Cleveland Browns. Which team did he coach after he left Cleveland?
    Cincinnati Bengals
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Detroit Lions
    Philadelphia Eagles

9. Which one of these coaches did not win 150 games in the NFL?
    Chuck Knox
    Steve Owen
    Bill Parcells
    Vince Lombardi

10. Marty Schottenheimer directed several NFL teams during his extensive career. Which team was he coaching when he reached the 150-victory plateau in 2001?
    Cleveland Browns
    Kansas City Chiefs
    Washington Redskins
    San Diego Chargers

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