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More Tea, Vicar?

Created by glendathecat

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More Tea Vicar game quiz
"A not overly serious look at how those in Holy Orders have left their mark upon the English Language."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. No tea to be found here but you've got to identify another popular beverage, one form of which derives its name from an Order of Italian Monks?

2. What was a Priest Hole designed to contain?
    A Bible
    A Priest
    Bread and Wine

3. A Curate is a kind of assistant Priest and is often somebody at the beginning of their ministry. When coupled with a popular breakfast item however it produces which phrase that means both good and bad at the same time?
    A Curate's Kipper
    A Curate's Bowl of Cereal
    A Curate's Waffle
    A Curate's Egg

4. Parson's Pleasure is an area contained within Oxford's University Parks. Why is it so named?
    It was an area where male dons could enjoy nude bathing.
    It is a cricket ground.
    In former days it is where Catholics were burned at the stake.
    It is used for outdoor preaching.

5. If a sentence is accompanied by the words, 'As the Actress said to the Bishop' it signifies:
    Deep irony
    A Double Entendre
    That the statement is false
    That the subject matter is Church Drama

6. A Cardinal holds a high-ranking position in the Catholic Church. A 'cardinal sin' is one of the greatest of vices. But was there a real life Cardinal Sin?
    All of the answers are correct.
    Yes - He was a truly infamous 14th Century clergyman.
    Yes - He was a Cardinal in the Philippines who has nothing to do with this question.
    Yes - It was a horse that fell at the last in the 1869 Grand National.

7. A change of tack now as we move on to 1980s music. Which name connects a popular Scottish group with the guitarist of a popular English group? It's a surname that derives from the title of a fairly lowly clerical helper in both the Catholic and Anglican Churches.

8. Many placenames in England betray the fact that for centuries the Church has been a major landowner. Most common is the prefix 'Bishop's' denoting land owned by the local Bishop. Which of these is NOT a genuine place name?
    Bishop's Lydeard
    Bishop's Itchington
    Bishop's Outoftown
    Bishop's Stortford

9. We've done music so how about a trip to the movies. Which of the following film TITLES has its roots in the Greek word for a Priest?

10. And we finish with a real-life Vicar whose tea parties were more likely to turn into pea tarties. His name has been given to a play on words where the initial sounds are switched around. Who was he?
    William Spooner
    James Phalange
    Charles Hooker
    Archibald Bananahammock

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Compiled Jun 28 12