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Pandas Eat, Sleep and Poop. A lot.

Created by dalthor1974

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Pandas Eat Sleep and Poop A lot game quiz
"Everyone knows pandas, right? They are those characteristic black and white cuddly animals, that all children love. There are a lot of fascinating things to learn about them, so let's start!"

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1. First things first! Giant pandas are mammals.

2. What is the name of the plant that makes up 99% of the daily diet of a giant panda?
    eucalyptus leaves
    bamboo shoots
    pine cones
    sweet potatoes

3. Giant pandas are scientifically classified as herbivorous animals.

4. Giant pandas (sadly, for many children) only live in the wild on this continent beginning with A.

5. Giant pandas are an endangered species. What is the reason for this?
    High cub mortality rate
    Low birth rate
    All of these
    Loss of habitat

6. There are many names for giant pandas in the Chinese language, but they all have a common word. What is the Chinese word for 'bear' ?

7. Giant pandas in zoo cages often exhibit a peculiar behavior which puzzles many zoo visitors. What do they do?
    They spit chewed bamboo at the visitors
    They poop right in front of the visitors
    They sit with their back turned to the visitors
    They growl threateningly at the visitors

8. Adult pandas may be cuddly, but baby pandas are even cuddlier! What do baby pandas look like, immediately after birth?
    Covered in brown fur
    Furless and pink
    Covered in their natural black and white fur
    Covered in pure snow-white fur

9. Giant pandas are very family-oriented creatures. Indeed, even though mothers feed and nourish their babies for the first few months of their lives, fathers then take charge of their education in the ways of feeding and survival.

10. I think it is appropriate to end this giant panda quiz with a question concerning its most distinctive feature, its black and white coat. Which of the following body parts of a giant panda is NOT black?
    Eye Patches

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Compiled Jun 28 12