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Because the Night...

Created by jonnowales

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Because the Night game quiz
"Do you ever wish, on those boring evenings, where you feel as though you have nothing to do, that you could be an exciting fictional character? OK, maybe not, but humour me anyway! Enjoy the quiz."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Because the night was cold and miserable an unusual remedy could have been that one took a voyage down a river in the "heart" of Africa. Once you had travelled on a boat, containing ivory, along this African river you could then tell the story to others who are just as fed up with the miserable climate! Hang on, didn't a character in a certain novella already take this trip? Well, the tale of which of the following characters has been described?
    Charles Marlow
    Emma Woodhouse
    Philip 'Pip' Pirrip
    Huckleberry Finn

2. Because the night before last was filled with hideous self-loathing over personal finances a good idea might be to set off for Highbury, Surrey and pretend you are a character who was introduced by the author as "handsome, clever, and rich." Which of the following characters was described in such a way?
    Jane Bennet
    Emma Woodhouse
    Harriet Smith
    Lady Catherine de Bourgh

3. Because the night was lacking romance it would have been a good idea to take a trip to the Italian city of Verona. You could pretend that you were following your heart despite family disapproval and call out to your true love from below a balcony. In whose footsteps would you be following if you did try to spice up your romantic life in such a way?
    Romeo Montague
    Romeo Capulet
    Fitzwilliam Darcy

4. Because the night was uneventful and dull one might have wanted to unleash their evil side and commit a criminal act. Perhaps you may wish to, oh I don't know, travel to St. Petersburg and murder a Russian pawnbroker and her disruptive sister? Well, someone may have got to the pawnbroker before you. Which character has spoiled your plans?
    Ivan Drago
    Prince Andrei Bolkonsky
    Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov

5. Because the night needed an adrenaline rush, it could have been suggested that you take your savings and have a gamble or ten. Look, here is your chance! There is an elderly gentleman sitting outside 'The Old Curiosity Shop' with a pack of cards and some coins. Oops, I think we have strayed into the world of Charles Dickens. Anyway, well done you, you won and doubled your cash! The elderly gentleman who owns 'The Old Curiosity Shop' however is now going to get in trouble with his money-lender. What is the surname of this money-lender?

6. Because the night was lacking conversation perhaps you may have wanted to travel to a lunar colony, become a computer, and learn masses of information so that you could become much more loquacious! Darn, I was beaten to this idea by the existence of Robert A. Heinlein's character Mycroft. From where did the name Mycroft originate?
    Brother of Sherlock Holmes
    Son of Mary Poppins
    Father of Hamlet
    Nephew of Robert Langdon

7. Because the night was silent and lacking entertainment it was a good idea to leave the countryside for a spell in Dickensian London. This may not be such a great plan if you are a child though, as you could be taken off the streets by Fagin and find yourself in a room with many orphans. Darn, I thought I had come up with something original but I guess not. Which of these characters has already been there and done that?
    Ebenezer Scrooge
    Nicholas Nickleby
    Oliver Twist
    David Copperfield

8. Because the night was full of dreadful home chores you could perhaps fast forward to the future where such chores would be handled by positron fuelled machines. If you enjoy the future a lot then perhaps you will stay and become a robopsychologist. My memory isn't great but I think I've just stolen the idea of robopsychology from a book. Hmm, which of the following is a series of books which feature Dr. Susan Calvin?
    I, Robot
    Star Trek

9. Because the night was lacking any inspiration or magic it may have been no bad thing to ditch the sofa and catch the Hogwarts Express to a castle that is home to witches and wizards. Which of the following, a History of Magic teacher, may you meet at the castle?
    Professor Sinistra
    Professor Binns
    Professor Vector
    Professor Burbage

10. Because the night was lacking adventure you could have decided to visit a mansion in rural England. Whilst playing a game of hide-and-seek at the mansion you stumble upon a wardrobe that had no back! Stranger still, the wardrobe seems to lead to another world; you have come across Narnia! Your imagination has let you down once again as you were beaten to this discovery by a group of four siblings with which surname?

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Compiled Jun 28 12