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Heisman Trophy [2]

Created by Rehaberpro

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Heisman Trophy  2 game quiz
"The Heisman Trophy is probably the most prestigious award in collegiate football. Here are some questions about those awards."

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1. What 1939 Heisman Trophy winner had his college's football stadium named for him?
    Jerry Jones
    Ernie Davis
    Nile Kinnick
    Curly Lambeau

2. What Heisman Trophy winner has a connection with the popular television series, "NCIS"?
    Desmond Howard
    Tom Harmon
    Joe Bellino
    John Huate

3. What Heisman Trophy winner developed an award for the Outstanding Woman College Hockey player each year?
    Dick Kazmaier
    Billy Vessels
    Vic Janowitz
    Pete Dawkins

4. What former Heisman Trophy winner while a professional player, was banned for a year for associating with gamblers?
    Alex Karras
    Hal Chase
    Pete Rose
    Paul Hornung

5. What Heisman Trophy winner was tried for murder?
    Doug Flutie
    Denny McLain
    O.J. Simpson
    Darrel Strawberry

6. Who was the first Heisman Trophy winner of Latino heritage?
    Vinny Testaverde
    Rashaan Salaam
    Jim Plunkett
    Gino Torretta

7. What 1993 Heisman Trophy winner declined professional football to play in the National Basketball Association?
    Andre Ware
    Eric Crouch
    Charles Woodson
    Charlie Ward

8. Alan Ameche was the first Heisman Trophy winner from the University of Wisconsin. Who was the second?
    Billy Marek
    P.J. Hill
    Ron Dayne
    Michael Bennett

9. What Heisman Trophy winner who had both a collegiate and professional career, is most remembered for his 'Hail Mary' pass against the University of Miami in 1984?
    Doug Flutie
    Pat Sullivan
    Andre Ware
    Roger Staubach

10. Who was the first African-American player to win the Heisman Trophy?
    Bo Jackson
    Ernie Davis
    O.J. Simpson
    Earl Campbell

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