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Created by kyleisalive

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Endangered Species
Extinct game quiz
"While many species of animals waver over the lines of endangerment, some fall too far past saving and ultimately find themselves extinct. See what you know about these animals that cease to exist on our planet. Good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Once native to the island of Mauritius, what extinct bird has been unseen in the wild since the 1600s?
    Nicobar Pigeon
    Paradise Parrot

2. Found in North America, this bird once appeared in extremely large flocks reported to black out sunlight. By the 1900s, they were extinct having been killed and used as cheap food for American slaves for decades. What type of bird is it?
    North Pacific Albatross
    Passenger Pigeon
    Brown Pelican

3. Certainly the unique animal, what now-extinct creature (unseen since 1883) was deemed half-zebra/half-horse due to markings on its body?

4. Once native to Australia, the creature known as the Thylacine was wiped out by the 1930s (though much earlier in Australia itself). What is this creature also known as?
    Red Kangaroo
    Desert Bandicoot
    Tasmanian Tiger
    Toolache Wallaby

5. Although near-identical to the Siberian Tiger, this feline became extinct in the 1950s. However, in the late 2000s, attempts to move the former species into the latter's territory were undertaken. What mammal is this?
    Caspian Tiger
    Saber-toothed Tiger
    Iberian Lynx

6. Flightless birds always get a bad chance, don't they? This New Zealand bird was the size of an ostrich in its day before being wiped out in the sixteenth century by the Maori. What is the bird's name?

7. Perhaps the largest fish to ever swim our oceans, this creature's remains can be seen in museums. Many claim it to be related to the Great White Shark though it was much larger in its prime. What animal would this be?
    Loch Ness Monster

8. The most recent extinction on this list is from China. Once a symbol of the country's prosperity, it was killed when citizens grew their cities around the Yangtze River. What is the name of this freshwater creature?
    South China Tiger
    Yunnan Lake Newt
    Box Jellyfish
    Baiji River Dolphin

9. While quite well known in terms of extinct animals, the last known example of this species was seen in the 1760s. Originally from the North Pacific, it was hunted out completely. What is this aquatic animal?
    Antillean Manatee
    Steller's Sea Cow
    Great Auk

10. Is there hope? This creature, after being deemed extinct in 2000, was actually cloned in 2009 (though it only survived for a few minutes). Originally native to the Pyrenees Mountains, what animal is it?
    Pyrenean Brown Bear
    Pyrenean Desman
    Pyrenean Ibex
    Pyrenean Chamois

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