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Calling all Triviaologists!

Created by Omakase

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Calling all Triviaologists game quiz
"OK I made up triviaologist, but I 'gist' know you'll recognize a lot of the other -ologists in this quiz."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. So, I was chasing my dog, Dory, around the yard the other day, when I tripped on a rock. (Stupid rock!) Sprawled out in the grass, I noticed a shiny green beetle crawling on the grass. It had feathered antennae and made a strange sound. Who could tell me what type of bug this is?

2. After tripping over that darned rock, I ended up breaking my toe and gettin' a concussion. Got a little splint on it now. My toe that is. (Ha ha ha)
Funny thing is, that toe is acting like barometer right now. Every time the air pressure rises it starts throbbing away...just like it is RIGHT now. Better check the current conditions and map at my favorite website-- www.

3. Great! Just got an invite to my nephew's graduation party. He's a Doctor now, with a Ph.D. and a job to go off and study ummmmm...hold on a sec...(refers to notes)...umm,humans..., ah...human beings and all our ancestors and the whole cultural thing. Oh the humanity of it! Yes, he's grown up to become an:

4. This whole toe-breaking, brain-concussing thing on top of all my other problems has really put me out of sorts. I feel on the verge of a panic attack. So, I scheduled an extra session on the couch with my 'advisor' this week. He always gets into what makes me tick. (Pssst--hey, you know my 'advisor' is really my:

5. So my concussive-ness-ess-ess and throbbing toe are still going on. Dr. Kluppenfrogger (my trusted family physician) has told me I need to go see a 'specialist'. He's sending me over to see a friend of his, Dr. Flugenfelder, who is an expert on the nervous system. He is a(n):

6. What a difference a few days make. The toe is much better. Head too I guess. So I'm supposed to get new glasses today and thought I was all set up to visit the optometrist. But instead of getting an appointment with the optometrist, the office crossed their wires and I'm seeing an ophthalmologist. What's he supposed to do to me?
    Check for respiratory illness
    Take a blood sample
    Assess the health of ears and hearing
    Diagnose eye problems

7. I really didn't like that ophthalmologist. He was overbearing, smelled bad, and on top of that was a Yankees fan! So we had a few harsh words, and on my way out of the office he muttered under his breath "fish eyes"! Of all the nerve!! I turned around and told him that he couldn't tell the difference between a guppy and a grouper and he was certainly no:

8. Sorry I got so excited there. Just a small misunderstanding. So, anyway there is a great show on TV tonight--it's about the life of that marine biologist, Rachel Carson. Remember, she wrote that one book about DDT and eventually her work spurred the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. Oh yeah, that's right, the book was called:
    "Rocky Ocean"
    "Silent Spring"
    "Planet Earth"
    "The Good Earth"

9. So here we are almost to the end of the quiz, but I still have to run one more errand. Unfortunately I banged my watch on the banister the other day and cracked the crystal, so I've got to get it fixed. The shop is way across town, but I'm really bad with directions, so who would be best at helping me get to the repair shop?

10. Well yeah, I've finally arrived at the shop--as it were. Drove by it three times looking for words like "watchmaker" or "clockmaker" or or some-such. But no, apparently this fellow prefers to be referred to formally. I finally noticed the small picture of a clock under his name and this word:

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Compiled Jan 03 13