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They Can't be Extinct - I Just Caught One!

Created by dcpddc478

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Endangered Species
They Cant be Extinct  I Just Caught One game quiz
""Lazarus species" is what they are called. Animals thought to be extinct until rediscovered years, decades, and sometimes centuries later."

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1. Which of the following seabirds, thought extinct since the 1620's, was rediscovered in 1951 on some rocky islets of Castle Harbor?
    Hawaiian crow
    Javan Swan
    Philippine crane
    Bermuda petrel

2. Which animal nicknamed "pigs from green hell" were known only from fossils until they were found alive in Paraguay in 1975?
    Arkansas razorback
    Chacoan peccary
    Sardinian wild boar

3. The La Palma giant lizard was rediscovered in 2007 in which Atlantic island chain off the northwest coast of Africa?
    Easter Island
    Aleutian Islands
    Galapagos Islands
    Canary Islands

4. The takahe is a unique flightless bird that was rediscovered after 50 years from which southern island country, known for its unusual species?
    Prince Edward Island
    New Zealand

5. Referred to as a "walking sausage" what insect was recently rediscovered to still be walking around after being declared extinct in 1930?
    Lord Howe Island stick insect
    Lord Howe Island stump insect
    Lord Howe Island twig insect
    Lord Howe Island limb insect

6. The monito del monte was thought to have died out 11 million years ago until found to still survive in Argentina and Chile. It is believed to be related to the marsupials from which other continent?

7. The Arakan Forest turtle is another Lazarus species that was found to still exist even after being declared extinct. Where was it rediscovered?
    Ellis Island
    Queen Elizabeth's II private garden
    Asian food markets
    Atlantis Zoo

8. Which primate thought extinct for at least 100 years was found in 1974 being kept as a pet in its native home of Peru?
    dwarf lemur
    black and white ruffed lemur
    ring-tailed lemur
    yellow-tailed woolly monkey

9. The dodo bird is a Lazarus species.

10. Probably the most famous of the Lazarus species, which ancient fish known only from the fossil record, was rediscovered in 1938 off of the east coast of Africa?
    whale shark

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