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World Series Crunch

Created by Nightmare

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World Series Crunch game quiz
"An all multiple choice challenge about some happenings in World Series play. The pictures might or might not help. I hope you enjoy it. :)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which Major League ballpark was the first to host the games for both teams that played in the same World Series?
    Ebbets Field
    Shibe Park
    Sportsman's Park
    Polo Grounds

2. Who was the first person ejected from a World Series game, not for him arguing any call or fighting?
    Billy Martin
    Hugh "Fireman" Casey
    Joe Medwick
    Ty Cobb

3. Eight times throughout the 20th century, fans saw the New York Yankees sweep their opponents in World Series play. Only two franchises in the National League swept their opponents twice in series play. One franchise was the Cincinnati Reds. Which National League franchise was the other?
    Brooklyn / Los Angeles
    Boston / Milwaukee / Atlanta
    St. Louis
    New York / San Francisco

4. Who was the first pitcher in Major League history to win three games in one World Series?
    Jack Billingham
    Bill James
    Bill Dinneen
    Christy Mathewson

5. Which Major League team was the biggest loser in the 1910s, going to four World Series and losing them all?
    New York Giants
    Philadelphia Athletics
    Brooklyn Superbas / Robins
    Detroit Tigers

6. Which pitcher under the age of 21, threw a shutout in a World Series game?
    Jim Palmer
    Vida Blue
    Bob Welch
    Dwight "Doc" Gooden

7. In the shades of the New York Yankee franchise, the Atlanta Braves dominated the decade of the 1990s and went to an amazing five World Series. This was even with the 1994 postseason being canceled due to a players strike. The Braves would win only one of those five World Series in which season?

8. The list for the most World Series career games played is crowded with Yankee greats. Who was the first non-Yankee to play in 50 World Series games?
    Frank Frisch
    Lefty Grove
    Duke Snider
    Jimmie Foxx

9. Which umpire provided his services for a record 18 World Series?
    Bill Klem
    Al Barlick
    Tom Connolly
    Ed Brickhouse

10. Who was the first player to win two World Series MVP awards?
    Bob Gibson
    Sandy Koufax
    Mickey Mantle
    Frank Robinson

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Compiled Jun 28 12