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Do You Know About Cycling Safety?

Created by madmonkey1290

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Safety for Kids
Do You Know About Cycling Safety game quiz
"This quiz is all about safety issues for cycling. Do you think you can answer these questions? Give it a go then!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which of the following should you always wear when you go cycling?
    A hat
    A bow
    A headband
    A helmet

2. What kind of helmet do professionals encourage you to wear when going cycling?
    A black one
    A colourful one, that other cyclists and drivers can see
    A helmet with spikes on top
    A helmet with a loose strap

3. Should children go riding at night alone?

4. What should you always check before you go riding?
    The colour of the basket on the front handlebars

5. Why do you need to wear a bright cycling jacket?
    To have body protection when you fall off
    To keep you warm
    To be seen by drivers and other cyclists
    It makes you look better

6. Where might you go to give your bike an annual check over?
    A doctor's clinic
    The sports equipment store
    A veterinary clinic
    A professional bike shop

7. What should you do when you're going downhill on a bike?
    Letting both hands off your handlebars
    Sip on a can of soda
    Kick your legs out
    Put on the highest gear and control your brakes

8. What SHOULDN'T you do when going cycling?
    Bring your bike lock
    Wear a helmet
    Put your puppy in the basket
    Wear proper cycling gloves

9. Which of the following is the best place to go cycling?
    On proper bicycle tracks
    In the backyard
    In the middle of the road
    In your local community garden

10. Should a child go cycling on his/her own?
    No, he/she will need to have an adult with them
    Yes, with a dog
    Yes, with a few friends along
    Yes, with a disabled person

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Compiled Jun 28 12