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The Mane Game

Created by lout62001

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Identify the Animal
The Mane Game game quiz
"This quiz is about animals that have manes. You will need to identify the animal from the description given."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. This large Asian ungulate is related to the wild goat. It is a heavyset animal with horns that arch rearwards and a mane which can extend all the way down its back. What is this animal that lives on the slopes of the Al Hajar Mountains?
    Alpine Ibex
    Arabian Tahr

2. Also known as the Stickney bear, this nocturnal insect-eating animal can be found in India. This gangly animal has a long and shaggy coat which forms its mane around the face. Which type of bear is this?
    Spectacled bear
    Grizzly bear
    Polar bear
    Sloth bear

3. The lion is known as the "king of the jungle" but is it true that only the males have manes?

4. Characterized by its radiant reddish orange fur that makes up its distinctive mane, this New World monkey can be found in the forests of Brazil. What type of animal is this that is also known as the golden marmoset?
    Golden lion tamarin
    Capuchin monkey
    Giant anteater

5. Found in the savannah regions of Africa, this even-toed ungulate is named after the color of their fur. They have short upright manes, a light beard and horns that can extend in excess of three feet. What animal is being described with the scientific name Hippotragus equinus?
    Mountain gazelle
    Tibetan antelope
    Roan antelope

6. The mane on this domesticated animal grows from the top of its neck, spanning from the poll to the withers including the forelock. Which animal is this that can be found on farms throughout the world?

7. Closely linked to the red river hog, this animal can be found in the eastern and southern regions of Africa. They are characterized by blunt muscular snouts and a whitish mane which spikes up when distressed. What animal fits this description?

8. Both horses and zebras are part of the Equidae family of animals, but zebras do not have manes.

9. This large carnivore of the Hyaenidae family can be found in regions south of the Sahara in Africa. It is distinguished by a bear-like resemblance, rounded ears, a small mane and a spotted coat. What is the name of this animal which is otherwise known as the laughing hyena?
    Ursine hyena
    Spotted hyena
    Spotted leopard

10. Found in Central Africa, this primate is a monkey resembling a hairy baboon. It is dark brown in color with a faint reddish golden mane around its neck and facial appearance related to its name. What type of animal is this?
    Capuchin monkey
    Black lemur
    Black squirrel monkey
    Grey-cheeked mangabey

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Compiled Feb 07 14