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Identify the Film 2

Created by ensiform

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Name It - Tough 10
Identify the Film 2 game quiz
"Name the movie based on the plot point, director, actors, etc. Hint: correct answers will suggest a pattern."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What 1995 Todd Solondz film follows the trials and tribulations of a middle child who is taunted in junior high school?
    'Can't Hardly Wait'
    'Welcome to the Dollhouse'

2. Warren Beatty starred as a reporter who stumbles onto a vast murderous conspiracy, and goes undercover in a company that recruits assassins, in what 1974 film?
    'The Parallax View'
    'The Conversation'

3. In which film do Cary Grant, as Nickie, an engaged playboy, and Deborah Kerr, as Terry, a witty singer, meet and fall in love on a cruise to New York?
    'An Affair To Remember'
    'The Toast of New York'
    'My Favorite Wife'

4. What Robert Altman film told intersecting stories of a vast set of characters (surprise, suprise), all heading toward a political rally for an unseen 'Replacement Party' Presidential candidate, headlined by musical acts?
    'Short Cuts'
    'Come Back To the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean'

5. Trey Parker and Matt Stone starred as two losers who invent a new game in this 1998 movie.
    'Game For Three Losers'
    'The Basketball Diaries'
    'The Skin Game'

6. What 1999 comedy involved a trio of white collar workers --- Peter, Samir and Michael --- planning to embezzle their company out of millions of dollars?
    'Access Denied'
    'Fight Club'
    'Office Space'
    'Boys Will Be Boys'

7. Mark Wahlberg and Chow Yun-fat teamed up as cops trying to clean up a violent area of Chinatown in what 1999 film?
    'Big Trouble In Little China'
    'Hard Boiled'
    'The Replacement Killers'
    'The Corruptor'

8. What 1991 film starred Woody Allen and Bette Midler as a long-married and much-bickering couple of professionals in LA?
    'Scenes From a Mall'
    'Husbands And Wives'
    'LA Story'
    'Another Woman'

9. When a Jewish man is murdered by one of three drunken soldiers, they each give different stories, 'Rashomon'-style, in what 1947 film starring Robert Michum?
    'Blood On the Moon'
    'The Story Of G.I. Joe'
    'Mr. Winkle Goes To War'

10. Michael Caine stars as crook turned secret agent Harry Palmer, put on a case in which scientists are kidnapped, and soon suspects that one of his two superiors is a double agent in what 1965 British spy film?
    'The Ipcress File'
    'The Italian Job'
    'Funeral In Berlin'
    'Play Dirty'

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Compiled Jun 28 12