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'Silent to the Bone'

Created by LilSpikey

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Silent to the Bone game quiz
"This quiz is about the mystery novel 'Silent to the Bone' by E.L. Konigsburg. Have fun."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. When does Branwell's silence start?
    November 16
    November 2
    November 25
    November 30

2. How much older is Branwell than Connor?
    five days
    one year
    three weeks
    six months

3. What is writen on the first card that Branwell selects?
    'Day care'

4. What does Vivian say that Branwell was trying to do when he dropped Nikki?
    lifting her from the highchair
    playing with her
    giving her a bottle
    changing her nappy

5. Whom does Branwell think the extra voice was on the 911 tape?
    Tina Nguyen
    Dr. Zamborska
    The pizza delivery man
    Connor's father

6. What is the second word that Branwell spells out?

7. Why did Vivian say that she left the door open when she was taking a bath?
    She wanted to hear if Nikki cried
    She was listening to the radio
    She didn't mind if Branwell saw her
    She didn't want to take time closing the door

8. What is the first word Branwell says when his silence ends?

9. What made Branwell feel different after Columbus Day?
    He and Connor had a fight.
    His failing grades at school.
    His feelings about Vivian.
    The arrival of Nikki.

10. Who really hurt Nikki?

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Compiled Jun 28 12