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What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
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1 Animals Go South... To Play Sports
Over the centuries, sports have become increasingly more bizarre. Some of these sports involve animals in the strangest of ways. Here are 15 odd animal sports for you to enjoy.
15 Q
Apr 18 14
1029 plays
2 True or False: Myths and Facts About Animals
Consider the following statements about animals and their behavior. Some are common misconceptions, others are more obscure facts. All can be answered "True" or "False."
10 Q
May 12 15
432 plays
3 Noah's Anarchy
What are the chances that all the animals neatly filed two-by-two onto Noah's Ark? Or, given their respective places on the food chain, would the situation have actually been a bit fraught? Try this quiz and see what you think.
10 Q
Apr 10 14
1311 plays
4 Who's for Dinner?
Jasper the Jaguar has invited a collection of exotic animals to attend a feast. Although they think they've come for the roast chicken, they all soon fear they may actually be on the menu. How much do you know about the animals at this banquet?
10 Q
Jan 19 10
4857 plays
5 9 to 5 In the Animal Kingdom
How can animals' behavioural characteristics link them to everyday occupations? Take this quiz and find out.
10 Q
Sep 09 10
2331 plays
6 'The Trivia Winners' on Safari
Team quiz by The Trivia Winners
Come join 'The Trivia Winners' as they go on safari. Questions are all about the animals of the African continent and there may be an extinct species or two along the way. Good luck!
10 Q
Apr 04 10
2757 plays
7 Interesting Animal Facts
Ten interesting animal facts for you to ponder. Have fun.
10 Q
Dec 03 14
1149 plays
8 Yours Truly, the March Hare
Ever felt "mad as a March hare"? If so, this may be the quiz for you! The March Hare would like to share with you the truth about himself and some other members of the animal kingdom who have been immortalized in myth and common expressions. Enjoy!
10 Q
Mar 23 10
1167 plays
9 Interesting Animal Facts
Here are ten interesting facts about animals. Enjoy the quiz!
10 Q
Aug 06 11
2394 plays
10 Odd Animal Facts
Some obscure and completely irrelevant animal information for trivia lovers.
10 Q
Jun 18 07
14676 plays
11 Animal Hodgepodge
Here is a quiz to test your knowledge of an assortment of animals. So sit back, relax and delve into a world where the wild things are.
10 Q
Feb 21 09
8640 plays
12 Strange Animal Rituals
Animals do very strange things! What in the world are the unusual things that these animals do? Have fun with this one!
10 Q
Dec 11 07
3831 plays
13 Did She Fall or Was She Pushed?
With a bump on her head and a rumble in her belly, Molly Meerkat has gone to the police to report being pushed from her perch. Join Molly and PC PDAZ as they try to work out if she was pushed and, if so, by whom.
10 Q
Sep 06 10
549 plays
14 All Creatures Great and Small
This quiz doesn't have nearly enough questions to represent ALL creatures, but there is a mix of questions about ten different animals, both big and small.
10 Q
Sep 19 13
1227 plays
15 Learning About Animals
Zoe's time at university was surprisingly filled with animals - in every subject! Answer these questions posed to Zoe, who clearly cannot avoid the critters no matter which class she takes!
10 Q
Sep 23 13
843 plays
16 At the Watering Hole
Many wild animals thrive near ponds all over the world. What do you know about the following animals?
10 Q
Sep 19 13
1443 plays
17 Why Don't Sheep Shrink When it Rains?
This is just one of those questions which has inspired much internet debate and even whole books. It has also inspired this quiz about animals and creatures which feature in these questions. I hope you enjoy it.
10 Q
Aug 14 10
1278 plays
18 Tarsiers, Pandas, and Other Confusing Animals
We'll start with a tarsier...then look at pandas...and then eight other animals which are confusing for odd reasons. Odder than you think really. They're weirder than us! And that's saying something. Good luck!
10 Q
Sep 19 13
264 plays
19 Violets for Your Furs
According to the 1941 song, Frank Sinatra bought violets for his lover's furs, and brightened up their winter day. Things were not so bright for whichever animal supplied the fur! Let's look at some of the candidates.
10 Q
Jul 01 10
2565 plays
20 Who are my Near Relatives?
Many animals have rather misleading names such as 'bear' or 'dog' when they are really nothing of the sort. Can you identify the closest relatives of these animals?
10 Q
May 20 13
378 plays
21 Various Versatile Varmints
Here are ten different animals that all begin with the letter "V". How many of them will you know?
10 Q
Jan 27 13
780 plays
22 Random Facts on Animals
Here are ten interesting animals facts I've come across from time to time. Enjoy the quiz.
10 Q
Sep 17 13
753 plays
23 The Dark Side of the Animal World
The animal world is an amazing place and this quiz is a look at the darker side of animal behaviour.
10 Q
Sep 23 13
726 plays
24 International Animals
Team quiz by The Internationals
In one of the threads on our team message board, The Internationals have been discussing animals that are local to us. We thought you might be interested.
10 Q
Dec 21 14
552 plays
25 Rhythm of the Night
Some of the world's greatest singers and musicians are not even human. Can you answer these questions on Mother Nature's nocturnal maestros?
10 Q
Apr 03 12
588 plays
26 Fun Animal Facts
These are various interesting facts about wild animals that I learned when playing the game "Zoo Tycoon 2." There they have a zoo encyclopedia with fun facts about each of the animals. I hope you enjoy the quiz!
15 Q
Jan 23 07
11436 plays
27 Creatures Great and Small
Explore a few of the big, the little, and the in-between animals of our world, encountered on the "Amazing Fun Trivia Race" with the NaMaPoJo GoGo Quiz Pros!
10 Q
Sep 20 13
561 plays
28 Sammy Sosquirrely Meets His Neighbors
Sammy Sosquirrely wants to play, so he's going exploring Illinois today. He wants to know who's living nearby, and play with them - whether girl or guy! So come along with Sammy Sosquirrely, and see if you know who he will go see!
10 Q
Mar 06 13
447 plays
29 In Like a Lion, Out Like a Llama
Mondo Animalia: Beginning with lions and ending with llamas, here are some surprising facts about animals, some familiar, some not so much! Many thanks to Kyleisalive for the Author Challenge.
10 Q
Sep 22 13
444 plays
30 The Fur Trade
What is the true cost of a fur coat? Most people are unaware of the hidden world of the fur trade.
10 Q
Nov 24 09
930 plays
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* Name the only large carnivorous mammal in Australia.
* What animal is considered the most dangerous of the African big game mammals?
* What causes an animal to estivate?
* Horses' eyes have an interesting quality. What is it?
* There are rumors of a tiny elephant in Africa. What is this possibly-existing creature called?

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